Jun 12, 2018 - Jun 13, 2018 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

Investment data governance and management conference.

13th June 2018 - Day 2

Participants registration and refreshments.

Chairman’s address to the gathering.

  • How a DG program will help ensure that the MDM’s key attributes within operational processes, analytics, and customer information are available, accurate, and secure
  • Achieving best practice in the program
  • What do we mean by big data
  • Most common problems with data management
  • Common platform for investment and member data
  • What can the custodian do for you
  • How can we reach economy of scale


  • Marko Milek, Managing Director and head of Global Exchange for Asia Pacific, State Street

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

How asset owners and service providers can work together more effectively to boost data capabilities and governance responsibilities.


  • Simon Cairns, Senior Specialist, Risk & Performance Analytics – Sunsuper

Applying DG policies and practices to maintain and preserve data quality, integrity and usability across the organisation.

  • Decentralising data across disparate systems and business units for greater visibility, efficiency and consistency
  • Determining acceptable levels of data quality
  • Applying DG policies and processes


  • Vaishali Vijay, Director, Digital Services, ANZ, Capgemini

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • From ownership, glossary and lineage, what does a data governance platform nirvana look like


  • Jason Warlond, Head of Business Development, APAC, Curium Data Systems
  • Current and future Impact of technologies including AI, the cloud, “internet of things”, “NoSQL”, “Hadoop”, blockchain and where DG fits in
  • Rethinking the design patterns appropriate to apply to data governance to be responsive to these and other disruptive changes brought forth by technology

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • An organisation’s digital transformation journey and the migration to the cloud
  • Overcoming challenges associated with security, use and sharing of data and the movement of data to the cloud
  • Amending governance policies to a cloud based big data environment
  • Implementing data governance and data quality in small, valuable increments within existing projects
  • How a DG leader can add value to the agile process
  • How to grow a data governance program using Scrum, delivering value and assuring alignment


  • Cath Paki, Information & Data Governance Manager, Kiwibank
  • Closing remarks from the Chair and vote of thanks by the Chairman

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