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18 Sep
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Key points of discussion will include:

  • Key investment and operational risks under the microscope
  • Insights into enhanced management the well-known superannuation fund risks and:
  • Insights into how to identify, quantify and manage the big issue of less well recognised risks
  • Superannuation fund risks – the regulator’s view
  • Examples of risks identified in the regulator’s periodic fund reviews
  • The Operational Risk Reserve – how much is enough?
  • The risks entailed in outsourcing custody
  • Unit pricing errors – the single biggest operational risk for superannuation fund
  • Securities lending risks – does the fund understand the hidden risks in a securities lending program and is it really money for nothing?
  • “Ponzi” defined benefit funds – lessons learned from overseas
  • Investment risk to members – are we confusing market volatility with adequacy in retirement?
  • External investment management risk – the operational aspects
  • Short termism risk
  • Investment fee risk – are we spending members’ money wisely in chasing the holy grail of active equity returns?
  • Managing investment risk – the roles of the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Risk Officer
  • Tax risk – are we doing enough to address the risk of blowing out the fund’s single biggest expense?
  • Longevity risk – will the member outlive their superannuation savings?


Principal, Athena IOC

Director at McGing Advisory & Actuarial

Head of Fund Advisory, Milliman

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