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23 May
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As social media strategies become more cutting edge – so does the need for innovation in the way we measure and assess the impact. There is also a strong growing requirement to determine the real impact on ROI. This two day focused conference has been designed to shed light on the way forward in social listening, and monitoring in ways that will set your social strategy apart from the crowd. Gathering social practitioners from leading organisations – insights and key future strategies will be offered in how to unleash your full social potential through exceptional monitoring.

The impact of revolutionary

social monitoring!

smmm-illustrationSocial media has provided people the ability to voice their opinion on companies, brands, people—in short, anything and anyone. The way your company listens and engages with these social media posts is what dictates how those opinions influence your online presence and brand sentiment. Today, it’s critical to re-evaluate your Socia listening capabilities and allow you organisation more powerful insights into your customers, competitors, and industry influencers. To take full advantage of social media listening, you need to spread your monitoring across several social media channels, and keep a constant watch for new opportunities. However, acquiring these insights takes time, and this event has been designed to lead delegates into focused, thought leadership around the future evolvement of social monitoring and how this can impact the success of your social strategy now.

As with all internet marketing endeavors, the metrics are quintessential. What you believe to be working may in fact not actually be successful. Without crunching the numbers, businesses cannot measure the return on investment (ROI) of their efforts, especially the financial ROI – the monetary payoff that each marketing channel bolsters. The agenda includes practical guidance on determining social ROI in ways that have yet to be explored.

If you are currently involved in social media development within your organisation, this event will offer crucial insights into sharpening your vision and strategy. Join delegates from a cross section of organisations to explore the emerging opportunities in innovative social listening.


Senior Social Media Manager at Bank of Queensland

CEO at Social Media Marketing Institute

Founder of Flock Consultancy – Digital and social content consultant

Social Media Analyst at Amicus Digital

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