November 14, 2017 - November 15, 2017 Bayview Eden, Melbourne

Investigating future pioneering social media marketing strategy.

15th November 2017 - Day 2

Participants registration and refreshments.

Chairman’s address to the gathering.

Conference chair:

  • Ming Johanson, CEO, OTOTGo
  • A self-help guide for the next generation of social engagement
  • From AR, VR, chatbots to generation Z-ers, Audrey Norman, CMO of SMSGlobal will provide powerful insights into the new world of social media marketing and the technology that drives it


  • Audrey Norman, Chief Marketing Officer, SMS Global
  • Riding the social media super highway in the next 12 months
  • How social strategy will evolve and what to prepare for
  • Assessing the pioneering initiatives currently shaping the future


  • Brie Stewart, Head of Social, Clemenger
  • Why you have a unique window of opportunity in your organisation
  • How the latest research impacts your career direction
  • How you can ride the career wave to success
  • How to avoid being relegated to the Social Media Help Desk


  • Mireille Ryan, CEO, Social Media Institute

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • How to identify opportunities in the news to create quick, relevant and engaging social content
  • The how and why of instant articles, I’ll show you the results we’ve seen
  • Why you should already be using vertical video


  • Kate Heironymus, Digital Media Officer, Queensland Health
  • Analysing the state of the market – where are we heading?
  • Setting yourself up for marketing success
  • Tools and tips that save you money


  • Brenden Lucas, Social Media Co-ordinator, Deakin University
  • Exploring the new realm of chatbots and how to mine the possibilities
  • The new capabilities and benefit to your strategy
  • Chat bots and the future of customer service


Session Host:

  • Dr. Karen Sutherland, Social Media Researcher, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • The principles of powerful presence
  • The traps of traditional sales and marketing new tools, old habits
  • Breaking down barriers, building bridges now and beyond


  • Peter Sutton, CEO, KaiMing

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

Running a digital agency since 2011 it’s been Ming’s business to bring companies out of the digital dark ages and embrace their authentic voice online that leads to productive business relationships offline and ensuring commercial return on time spent using old school principles  online. Ming will share her personal journey online from Dial-Up to (almost) NBN.

  • Challenges that all organisations and business owners face in social media
  • Investigating the metric of a relationship
  • What’s coming and what do we need to do to be ready? Chat Bots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality integrations into social media.


  • Ming Johanson, CEO, OTOTgo

The decline of trust and rise of hyper connectivity have paved the way for organisations to become their own media channels. Dionne Lew talks about how content-first social PR enables organisations to builds visibility, influence, trust, advocacy and leadership, with a focus on how stackable, shareable micro content lets you tell a broader narrative over time – strategically and in a time and resource stretched environment.


  • Dionne Lew, Partner, Zoetic

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

Dan Wilkinson, Social Media Strategist. Hot & Delicious: Rocks the Planet!
Harry Mcgoldrick, Senior Business Manager At Carat

  • Social Social Media + UX, Funnel Strategy and The Next Wave of Brand Influencer Campaigns
  • Social Social Media + UX. The keys to generating content that consumers actually want to see and interact with their Mobile Newsfeed, whilst driving business and brand objectives.
  • Funnel Strategy. Creating strategic content and advertising campaigns to drive results and your client’s ROI.
  • The Next Wave of Brand Influencer Campaigns. Pivoting from the wanna-be Instagram model to working with and upskilling influencers to create campaigns with a measurable uplift in Sales and Return On Investment.


  • Dan Wilkinson, Social Media Strategist. Hot & Delicious
  • Closing round table session: summation of key takeaway and final group delegate discussion.
  • Closing remarks from the Chair and vote of thanks by the Chairman

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