October 23, 2017 - October 25, 2017 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

Gain insights from performance thought leaders & brainstorming on best practices in the performance measurement space.

25th October 2017 - Day 3


Performance Measurement Trivia & Oddities

Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

While many performance measurement professionals are familiar with the fundamentals of rates of return, risk, benchmarks, attribution, and the GIPS® standards, few are aware of many of the odd things that are done, why they’re done, and alternatives that were considered. Further, there’s loads of interesting trivia about performance that, when known, helps the performance measurement professional better understand why we do what we do.

This workshop will provide the students with great details that are often not covered in other classes or written materials. Students will walk away with a greater appreciation for our sector of the industry, along with knowledge that many of their peers are lacking. They will, no doubt, be further energized and excited about what they do, with enlightened understanding that will assist them as they carry out their tasks.

The class will also include some “handy tricks,” that can make their jobs easier. Here are just a few of the areas we’ll discuss:

  • Performance measurement terminology
  • Why time-weighting dominates, and money-weighting is struggling
  • Linking rates of return: why we do it the way we do, and not the way that was originally prescribed
  • Saving time and reducing the risk of error when employing spreadsheets
  • Attribution residuals: why and where are they
  • Risk-adjusted returns: what is and what isn’t
  • Why M2 might be your best bet
  • Sharpe ratio: what Sharpe wanted vs. what is actually being done
  • Understanding what the information ratio really provides
  • so it’s important for them
  • Exposing three myths about geometric attribution
Students will be given exercises, so it’s important for them to bring calculators and/or laptops.
Workshop Leader:

DPS, CIPM, MD, Spaulding Group, USA

The Spaulding, is an internationally recognized authority on investment performance measurement. He’s the Founder and CEO of The Spaulding Group, Inc., and founder and publisher of The Journal of Performance Measurement®. He consults to clients throughout the world on investment performance and risk issues. In addition, he teaches classes on performance measurement and attribution, and regularly conducts GIPS® verifications. Dave is a prolific writer, having written numerous articles for various publications. He’s also the author of four books: Measuring Investment Performance (McGraw-Hill, 1997),Investment Performance Attribution (McGraw-Hill, 2003), The Handbook of Investment Performance (TSG Publishing, 2005), and The Handbook’s second edition (2011); co-author of the Spaulding Group’s Guide to the Performance Presentation Standards: Second Edition (TSG Publishing, 2012); contributing author of Performance Measurement in Finance (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002); and is a co-editor and contributing author of Readings in Fixed Income Attribution (TSG Publishing, 2007)

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