September 18, 2017 - September 19, 2017 Bayview Eden, 6 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004 Australia

Superannuation Fund Risk 2017 Forum that covers risks from operational, financial and investment.

19th September 2017 - Day 2

08:20 – Registration

Participants registration and refreshments.

08:55 – Welcome address

Chairman’s address to the gathering.

09:00 – Session 1: Investment risks – Popular, unpopular and real

• What kinds of investment risks do we focus on
• What kind of investment risks should we focus on; and why
• How to measure investment risk in a changing world
• Investment risk mitigation strategies


  • Laurence Irlicht, Executive Director Indexed & Quantitative Equities, IFM Investors

09:40 – Session 2: Investment risk to members – Are we confusing market volatility with adequacy in retirement?

• The most common measure of investment risk is volatility. Is this appropriate for superannuation fund members?
• What is the true relevance of market volatility to the long term investor?
• Is “de-risking” by moving into less volatile assets always in the member’s best interests?
• What are the implications for “glide path” and Lifetime Accumulation strategies?
• The key difference between volatility of market prices and volatility of income


  • Patrick Caldon PhD, Director of Quantitative Research, Equities Morningstar Inc.

10:20 – Tea break

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

10:50 – Session 3: Investment risk for members in retirement

  • Why the ASFA/FSC Standard Risk Measure and other generally accepted risk measures is not appropriate for members in retirement
  • How to measure the real investment risk for retired members
  • How to develop a meaningful and practical investment risk measure including detailed examples of application of this measure


  • Kyle Ringrose, Principal, Athena IOC

11:40 – Session 4: PANEL DISCUSSION: Managing Investment Risk

The roles of the chief investment officer and the chief risk officer.

  • Are investment return and investment risk management intrinsically linked?
  • Is the CIO better placed to understand and manage investment risk?
  • Is it appropriate to allocate investment risk management to the CIO
  • To what extent should the CRO manage investment risk in addition to other enterprise wide risks?
  • The roles of the Audit and Risk Committees and the Investment Committees in managing investment risk
  • Managing potential friction between the CIO and CRO

Panel Chair:

  • Kyle Ringrose, Principal, Athena IOC

Panel Member:

  • Alistair G. Rew, Head of Alpha Strategies, AMP Capital
  • Laurence Irlicht, Executive Director Indexed & Quantitative Equities, IFM Investors
  • Patrick Caldon PhD, Director of Quantitative Research, Equities Morningstar Inc.

12:20 – Lunch break

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

13:30 – Session 5: Sequencing Risk

  • What is sequencing risk
  • How big an issue is this for Australian superannuation fund members
  • How do target date/lifetime accumulation strategies address sequencing risk?
  • What alternative strategies can be deployed to address sequencing risk


  • Michael Armitage, Head of Fund Advisory, Milliman

14:10 – Session 6: Longevity Risk – Will the member outlive their superannuation savings?

  • Does the member spend too much or too little of their superannuation savings?
  • How can a fund manage longevity risk for the members?
  • To what extent can annuities provide a solution?
  • Should superannuation funds look further into managing longevity risk by providing the member with the opportunity to tap into their home equity?
  • What other strategies are available for pooling longevity risk?


  • Rebecca Weisser, Research Associate, Centre for Independent Studies

14:50 – Tea break

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

15:50 – Session 8: INTRACTIVE ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Class Actions Risk

Class actions risk is the biggest risk in participating or not participating

  • How do class actions work?
  • What are the risks to the fund in participating?
  • What are the risks in not participating?
  • Who provides these services and what are the pros and cons of each group of service providers?
  • What are the financial risks to members of non-participation
  • What are the reputational risks to the fund of participation?
  • How to tailor a class actions program to meet the fund’s risk appetite


  • Kyle Ringrose, Principal, Athena IOC

16:30 – End of day two

Closing remarks from the Chair.

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