Oct 23, 2018 -Oct 23, 2018 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

“Best practice insights on improving investment operations and efficiency across the whole back office ecosystem to drive resilience, flexibility and profitability in a complex and fast changing environment”

23rd October 2018 - Day 2

Participants registration and refreshments.

Chairman’s address to the gathering.


  • Where can the custodian’s systems fall short?
  • How to leverage checks from the custodian, the investment manager and the Investment Operations team
  • Is “digital” monitoring appropriate or is “analogue” e.g. how close to limits is the portfolio more useful?
  • Examples of failures to detect mandate compliance breaches in a timely manner
  • Is responsibility best placed with Investment operations or the Risk and Compliance team?
  • How important is it to validate the custodian’s systems for accuracy and completeness?
  • How can breaches go undetected?
  • How does the custodian protect asset owners from cyber attack


  • Tom Twinn, Manager of Investment Operations and Compliance, Sunsuper (invited)
  • Bridging the gap between operations and investment teams
  • Various approaches of organisations to this challenge and the role operational due diligence has
    in the investment and governance process
  • Insourcing and outsourcing challenges
  • The need for face to face meetings
  • How to strike the right balance between effort and reward
  • How to perform interim due diligence without face to face meetings
  • The ideal frequency of monitoring
  • How to strike the right balance between effort and reward

Panel Members:

  • Lounarda David, Chief Operations Officer At Ifm Investors
  • Stuart Hill, Head of Investment Operations, Local Government Super 
  • Is this really an Investment Operations function or should it sit within the Front Office or elsewhere?
  • The distinction between investment performance analytics to enhance Front Office outcome and analytics to provide independent assurance to the Board
  • Is the primary role of the investment analytics team to support the Front Office, the Board or a combination of both?
  • Examples of reporting for the Board and reporting for the Front Office

Panel Members:

  • Stephen Gwynne, Vice President, Investment Risk and Analytical Services, Northern Trust
  • How secure is the fund’s and the custodian’s data?
  • Where do the major risks lie?
  • Implications of a cyber attack on the fund or custodian
  • Minimum steps to take to ensure strong data governance
  • RG97 – why the industry needs greater transparency of costs. The impact on superannuation fund members since the introduction of RG97
  • How RG97 has provided greater transparency
  • Examples of improving the comparability of information provided to consumers
  • The consistent treatment of all platforms
  • Outcomes so far and the regulator’s reaction
  • Potential unintended consequences
  • The treatment of unlisted infrastructure assets
  • The issues with interposed vehicles
  • Areas for further enhancement


  • Martin Walsh, Independent Director and Executive Adviser
  • Hayley Zhu,Business Development Manager, Milestone Group

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • The controls we can leave to the custodian
  • The controls the Investment Operations team should undertake internally
  • How to avoid duplication whilst retaining appropriate oversight
  • Setting tolerance levels for the custodian checks
  • What are the risks that should be managed by the Investment Operations team?
  • The different types of Investment Operations risk e.g. operational, tax, legal etc.
  • Examples of risks that may go undetected
  • Implications of failure to detect operational errors in a timely manner


  • Meagan Birch, Financial Services Consultant, ST Consult
  • Stephanie Lyons Chief Risk Officer,EISS Super

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Examples of superannuation fund fraud
  • Arbitrage
  • Identity theft
  • Accessing member balances
  • Examples of managing fraud risk within the Investment Operation team


  • Leah Bennett, Fraud specialist, Australian Catholic Super
  • Brief overview of securities class actions
  • The loss methodologies utilised in them and
  • The importance of back offices assisting their clients in providing accurate trading data in a timely manner (so as to maximise their recoveries).


  • Simon Dluzniak, Investment Manager, IMFBENTHAM

An interactive session starting by summarising conference highlights and providing delegates an opportunity to share their views on future developments and challenges in investment operations in a few years time. This will be a very interactive session. Delegates are encouraged to discuss specific questions which are not covered by speakers, so attendees will be brought together to discuss news, views and recent trends – after the brainstorming groups, attendees will feedback the thoughts of their group to the rest of the conference participants

  • What major changes have we seen so far?
  • Will we see more insourcing or outsourcing?
  • How will the custodian and administrator roles evolve?
  • Will fund merger activity have a significant impact?
  • Artificial intelligence rapidly evolving- impacts for investment operations

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