May 15, 2018 - May 16, 2018 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

This forum examines multiple strategies that are available to superannuation funds to minimise the tax bill for members whilst ensuring full compliance with tax law.

16th May 2018 - Day 2

Participants registration and refreshments.

Chairman’s address to the gathering.

The ground-breaking paper by Arnott and Jeffrey has recently been revisited. This session highlights the relevance of this research to today’s superannuation funds

  • The potential impact on the tax burden of seeking alpha
  • How awareness of the issues can help superannuation funds manage the potential tax costs


  • Raewyn Williams, Managing Director – Research, Parametric
  • How tax propagation works and why it can reduce the tax bill
  • The problems with multi manager portfolios
  • Potential tax leakage
  • The solutions


  • Kathy Taylor-Hofmann, Head of Business Solutions, GBST
  • The problems with a generic benchmark
  • The construction of tailored benchmarks
  • Post-tax performance attribution


  • Andrew Nolan, Head of Investor Solutions, Warakirri Asset Management

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • How and why the major components of a fund’s investment tax cost isoften not measured
  • The critical distinction between diferent types of tax cost
  • The relative CGT impact of active, passive and smart beta strategies
  • The tax costs of asset allocation decisions
  • The impact of derivatives on tax costs
  • Overseas tax leakage
  • A practical methodology for implementing comprehensive post tax performance measurement


  • Kyle Ringrose, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd, Former Head of Investment Operations, Qsuper


  • Peter Gardner, Portfolio Manager, Plato Investment Management

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • The impact on tax of various types of ETFs
  • Why the use of ETFs can be tax effective?
  • How market makers can minimise the tax liability
  • Tax parcel selection methodologies
  • Overseas withholding tax
  • Propagation
  • Tax parcel selection methodologies
  • Transitions


  • Paul Toepfer, Chief Operating Officer, State Street Australia Limited (invited)

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

Strategies to enable a superannuation fund to enhance after tax performance.

After tax management for Australian superannuation funds.

  • Closing remarks from the Chair and vote of thanks by the Chairman

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