Digital transformation, increasing regulation and a changing economy means it is now crucial to advance in high-quality analytical investment data tools, analytics, and technology to support investment decisions, customize data, present more visually compelling information, and streamline workflow.

30th May, 2019- Thursday- Day 1

Participants registration and refreshments.

  • Ben Watson,CEO, Maroon Analytics Australia
  • Middle Office Stakeholders
  • Today’s engagement process
  • Self –service analytics


  • Carl Bacon, CIPM Founder, Freedom Index Company, (UK)

Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data – are popular terms that have become synonymous with systematically driven strategies. Factor investing has been a part of the investment landscape for over two decades, so how have advances in data availability and computing power affected factor investing as an investment approach? Does data science help bolster the case for factor investing or threaten its existence?

  • Discussion of the pitfalls that we had to learn about from
    previous “cutting edge” technologies
  • Assessing where we are and how we got here
  • An overview of how different challenges were tackled in the old days
  • Giving some perspective on how to tackle contemporary


  • Ritchard Longmire, Senior Portfolio Manager, Invesco Australia

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

Resonant’s investment philosophy is to combine quantitative and
fundamental approaches together – because they tend to work at
different points in the cycle, it makes consistent alpha delivery
more likely

  • SWOT analysis on fundamental and quantitative investing
  • Combining man (fundamental & judgment) and machine
    (quantitative & systematic) – lessons from the airline industry
  • The importance of quantitative feedback loops in learning from
    our mistakes & incrementally making decisions on the portfolio to
    generate alpha
  • How does the combined quantamental process look and how do
    clients benefit?


  • Nick Morton, Director, Portfolio Manager, Resonant Asset

Nigel is an industry, technology, and implementation expert, and will share insights into the unique challenges, opportunities and future considerations associated with managing and servicing increasing allocations to alternative investments. As diversification of portfolios increases, it is more important than ever to factor alternative investment requirements into technology vendor selection processes. Nigel will provide insights into designing approaches to Request for Proposal and Proof of Concept that will ensure that vendors can meet existing and future needs.


  • Nigel Jansz,Director, Assurance and Advisory, Deloitte

In the world where decisions are made faster to drive competitive advantage, its critical to build a framework that helps us trust the data that we act on. Regulations and need for compliance requires businesses to be able to navigate the complex mesh of data movement across the enterprise in near real time. In the talk, we will cover this area of focus of businesses and also discuss about how they can address these challenges.


  • Kaushik Bagchi,Vice President Information Management Asia
    Pacific at ASG Technologies

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Machine learning -What is it and why does it matter?
  • Discussing the benefits and challenges of Machine Learning and
    Artificial Intelligence
  • Contextualised examples of how people have used ML for real life
    work problems
  • Is AI and Machine learning real or just a fad? and is it worth
    investing in?
  • How do you continuously optimise and test the accuracy of
  • Sharing experiences on AI and ML

Panel Chair:

  • Ben Watson, CEO, Maroon Analytics Australia


  • Arthur Roumeliotis, Partner, Longreach Harvest Quant
  • Eben van Wyk, Portfolio Manager, First State Super
  • Charles Wu, Deputy CIO and GM DC Investments, State Super
  • Introduction and business challenges to tackle
  • Data-driven underwriting automation and optimisation in insurance
  • Deep analytics for better super investment practice
  • Incorporating socially responsible investment metrics for portfolio optimisation
  • Conclusion


  • Prof. Guandong Xu, Professor in Data Science, Advanced
    Analytics Institute, University Technology Sydney

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Sources of Alternative Data
  • Due Diligence on Alt Data providers
  • Compliance considerations
  • Industry guidance on alternative data


  • Alex Wise, Executive Consultant, Castle Hall Alternatives
  • How to use the power of the crowd to drive investment decisions
  • The future of investment data and how it can be used to better the community
  • Turning investment behaviour data into an exchange traded fund (ETF)


  • Andrew Ward, Managing Director, SelfWealth
  • 17:00 to 18:00 1Hr Networking Drink Networking Drinks

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