Digital transformation, increasing regulation and a changing economy means it is now crucial to advance in high-quality analytical investment data tools, analytics, and technology to support investment decisions, customize data, present more visually compelling information, and streamline workflow.

31st May, 2019- Friday- Day 2

Participants registration and refreshments.

Ben Watson,CEO, Maroon Analytics Australia

  • Changing attitudes and resulting needs
  • 4 cornerstones of data management
  • Data stewardship in a data driven firm
  • Supporting a modern data architecture
  • Enabling end user data delivery
  • A new approach to data governance
  • Arnie Wachs, Principal,Head of our Data Management Practice, Cutter Associates

1. Architecture

  • Primary data:
  • How do you get all of the data you need, and how is it
    made available to the business?
  • Data Transformation:
  • How do you transform the data to fit the business? How
    do you verify calculations?
  • Data Distribution
  • How do you expose calculated data to the business and
    ensure robustness, scalability, consistency and flexibility

2. Is data governance irrelevant in a dynamic data environment?

  • My data environment changes so fast I can’t write
    documentation about it fast enough”
  • Mastering
  • Data dictionaries/provenance

3. Show me your code deployment/DevOps process


  • Sam Millar,Senior Manager, Performance Analytics, NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp)

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

You can’t do analytics on data that you can’t find, and you can’t govern what you don’t know. Before you start your journey to the AI-powered, data-driven, analytics-inspired, self-optimising, continuous business performance improvement Nirvana, you need to get the basics of enterprise data management well-sorted.

  • Importance of an enterprise-level approach to core practice areas
  • What is effective data governance, what does it look like, and why do you need it?
  • Starting with the most fundamental enterprise data management capabilities
  • Role of metadata management, data quality, reference and master data
  • Building of reporting, analytics and business intelligence on solid foundations


  • Dr Jonathan Gray,
    CEO & Chief Data Scientist, Catapult BI Pty Ltd
  • Can we have better conversations in our organisations around the
    value of our investment data
  • Why concern ourselves about the value of data
  • What affects the value of data and what can we do to improve it
  • How can we start to measure the value


    • Christian Eriksen, Co-Founder and Director, Investment Control Systems

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • What is Data Management? (and why its definition has
    organisational importance)
  • Where does Data Management sit in Australian funds
    management organisations currently?
  • The misconceptions associated with Data Management
    (particularly as they relate to Australian funds management)
  • Where should Data Management sit in the organisation?
  • How do we bridge the gap between Technology and Business
  • What components make for “Best Practice” in Data


  • Jason Warlond, Head Of Business Development, Apac,
    Curium Data Systems

Organizations want to leverage the power of Big Data, whether
from business opportunity perspective or data value perspective,
or from technology perspective. But how to Govern Data in this
new world?

  • Significance of Data Governance in Financial industry
  • What basics should be in place for implementing a Data Governance
  • Assessing then Data eco system
  • Giving a perspective on how technology is vital in implementing
    Data Governance on a Big Data environment


  • Darshil Mehta, Head of Data Governance, Bupa Australia &
    New Zealand

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Bringing Production Data and Investment Data views into perspective
  • Operationalizing the Investment Process as a Data Asset
  • Achieving a Total Portfolio View – what does it really take?


  • Mark Neary, Director of Product – Multi-Asset Solutions, Milestone Group
  • Why analytics is hard to do
  • Data quality and data relationships
  • Flexibility v consistency
  • What a modelling interface should look like
  • Portfolio modelling in Python


  • Ben Watson, CEO, Maroon Analytics Australia

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