August 8, 2019 - August 9, 2019 Bayview Eden Hotel, Melbourne

The Superfund industry is facing a tirade of ongoing change and upheaval from rapid technology advancements ,disruption and economic uncertainty to heightened member expectations…

9th AUGUST 2019 - Day2

Participants registration and networking.

  • Stephen Huppert, Director, Stephen Huppert Consulting
  • Driving significant, scalable and sustainable innovation that
    delivers world-class customer experiences
  • Innovative digital focus to improve member experience and
  • Identifying and leveraging collaboration opportunities and
    external partners to benefit members
  • Leveraging technology and customer journey mapping to build
    trust and deepen customer relationships.
  • All in the palm of your hand – convenience of mobile apps
  • Stuart Langeveldt, Head of Member Experience, Qantas Super
  • How to prompt and own original thought-leadership
    using social and digital channels and techniques
  • Using social and digital to engage with, attract, and
    nurture members using digital and social.
  • New developments in online and social marketing
  • Managing digital programs through cost effective and
    simple to use technology.
  • Emma Lo Russo, CEO, Digivizer

Damian will share key learnings & insights from working
extensively with superfunds on:

  • How personalised videos help with member engagement?
  • What is the best use of personalised videos?
  • How to optimise results & key factors that secured a 7X result?
  • The best tips to get a green light from legal and compliance ?
  • How to deploy a very quick proof of concept & test the waters?

Damian Blumenkranc, CEO, Attento


(MAP) Mine Advice Process – Using technology to build efficiency within your workforce and delivering Advice on scale to your members. This presentation will show how Mine Super unpacked their member journey, found connection with their members through “teaching opportunities”, in the medium they want to engage us.
Building an omnichannel experience for our members using all options available:

  • Contact Centre
  • Subject Matter Experts with General Advice
  • Self-service portal
  • Scaled advice
  • Comprehensive

Glenda Abraham, Chief Engagement Officer, Mine Super

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • The importance of using AI to solve real business problems and
    delivering rapid outcomes
  • How AI can retain customers and strengthen your member base
  • Managing the sophisticated risks of AI
  • Leveraging AI and automation to drive data security
  • How to develop an AI strategy with big data, analytics toolkits
    and machine learning?
  • Coupling AI and real-time data analytics to drive innovation in
    product design and delivery
  • How can blockchain deliver benefits superfunds and its
  • What parts of the value chain can blockchain be used for?


  • Ross Fox, MD, ANZ, Calastone

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

Business Agility is something many organisations are striving for. Yet it often is a difficult goal to achieve as the existing culture, processes and systems architectures are obstacles for the transformation. In this session Mirco will explore the transformation journey and how decoupling heritage systems from digital systems can enable new ways to engage stakeholders. This decoupling can also enable new ways of working internally and uplifting the engineering capabilities. Something we all need to do in the age of “Software is eating the

  • Mirco Hering, Global Lead for DevOps & Agile, Accenture

The digital transformation journey is a costly and complex
undertaking. For Superfunds whether firmly entrenched or
relatively early in digital adoption it is a long process with many
choices and decisions to be made that will directly impact the
future success of the fund and member outcomes. This
conference has presented an array of technologies and innovative
strategies that can be employed for success but how does it all
stack up in reality?
This highly interactive session is designed to give the delegation
and those closely engaged in digital change the chance to share
their personal insights and discuss various issues that are likely to
be encountered along the journey.
Some of these issues will be posed inside a series of questions to
the delegation, to be discussed after being divided into
brainstorming groups. After a short discussion a representative
will be nominated as spokesperson to provide feedback to the
delegation and ignite further information sharing.
Sample questions include:

  • What steps should be taken to make the best decisions now that will have the greatest reward in the longer term?
  • How do you best cultivate a member first, risk adverse and compliance conscious culture?
  • How do you decide what latest technologies are appropriate for my superfund and what should be implemented and when? What should be outsourced and handled in-house?
  • How do you build cross-functional staff; capable of integrating soft skills with digital capabilities to drive innovation and efficiency within the organisation?
  • How do you incrementally innovate and build success step by
  • How do you plan for and implement the digitally required agile
    infrastructure for the future, today?

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