ONLINE EVENT | Date: 27th May (09:30 am - 16:00 pm)
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This mini-conference provides valuable insights into asset allocation strategies including life cycle products, the use of derivatives in asset allocations and the perennial debate of active versus passive strategies.
Who Should Attend:

Asset Allocations heads and managers, CIOS, Investment strategists and senior portfolio managers from Super funds, Insurance funds, Banks; independent financial advisers, private wealth advisers,fund managers, charities and foundation organisations, legal and tax advisers, economists, financial behaviour specialists, university department heads, researchers,analysts and media commentators,as well as other key industry stakeholders

If you cannot make it to the live Online Conference, we can send you the recorded session after the event.

Asset Allocation Speakers
Learn speakers of the 4th Annual Asset Allocation & Performance Management 2021 .
RAEWYN WILLIAMS, Former Managing Director, Research, Parametric Portfolio Australia
Executive Director at JANA Investment Advisers
Non Executive Director, Guild Group
Executive Director, The Conexus Institute, Former Chief Investment Officer, Mine Super
Chief Investment Officer, Jevons Global Pty Ltd
Principal at Athena IOC
Director, Asia Pacific Marketing at Northfield Information Services Asia Ltd
Managing Director, Edgehaven Pty Ltd
CFA, Portfolio Manager Retirement Strategy Aware Super
Director, Cutter Associates
CEO & Director, GI Asset Management Limited
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Asset Allocation & Performance Management 2021 Schedule
Learn schedule, program and topics of the 4th Annual Asset Allocation & Performance Management 2021.
  • The role of unlisted assets in the late stages of a lifecycle
    strategy. Higher or lower allocation?
  • The paradox of lower volatility potentially leading to
    higher risk for long term investors
  • The different role of long duration and short duration
    fixed income in lifecycle strategies
  • Different methods to define life cycle member cohorts
  • Criteria in determining asset allocations for each cohort
  • The optimum allocation to active or passive
  • The minimum allocation to active managers required to
    “keep them honest”
  • Is a 100% passive strategy in the long term best interests
    of superannuation fund members
  • Are in house equities teams better suited to passive or
    active investments
  • The impact of tax in choosing between active and passive
  • Differentiating the role of the asset consultant and the CIO
    in determining the active/passive mix
  • The definition of “Growth” and “Defensive” assets. The pros and cons of a more prescriptive definition
  • What a more prescriptive definition might look like
  • The major differences between industry, retail and SMSF asset allocations. Who has got it right or are they all wrong?
  • The risks and rewards of a 100% allocation to growth assets over a superannuation fund’s members over their lifetime
  • The default asset allocation “herd mentality”. Are super funds too cautious to move away from the pack?
  • Currency allocations. The “magic number” for overseas currency exposure and why
  • Converting economic views into asset class expected returns
  • Quantifying the true diversification offered by listed and unlisted asset classes
  • Regime detection in volatility, correlation, and
    macro-economic series
  • Evaluating the performance of internal strategies and external managers
  • Distinguishing between luck & skill.
  • What drives super fund equity allocation decisions?
  • How have equity portfolio structures evolved through time… and where are they heading?
  • Research on tax blockers to ongoing equity portfolio evolution and suggested decision framework
  • What the current pandemic crisis and mounting fiscal
    debt brings to the thinking about super fund equity portfolio evolution
  • What is required to understand our members and their
    investment needs?
  • Looking past the average to consider member cohorts
  • Measuring members’ likely retirement outcomes
  • How can this inform asset allocation decisions and default
    investment strategies?
  • Why a member first approach is even more important in
  • Asset allocation lessons learned during COVID-19
  • The value of a “Reference” portfolio in performance
  • Attribution of risk and return in asset allocation
  • Have “defensive” assets justified their description?
  • Has the use of derivatives contributed to investment
    risk in volatile markets?
  • The growing interest in low cost, passive superannuation fund member options
  • Insights of risks and opportunities in the emerging
    markets landscape
  • Macroeconomic fundamentals and the risk in emerging market currencies
  • Managing the exposure of emerging market investments
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