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4th ANNUAL DIGITAL GOVT 2021Govt Digital Transformation & Continuous Improvement In Service Delivery
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The 4th annual Digital Government Transformation Conference 2020 online conference explores the next phases of digital governmenttransformation, looking in-depth at how digital technologies and open standards are transforming the public sectorand reducing ICT spend, improving service delivery and delivering best value for government customers. The DigitalGovernment Transformation Online Conference will provide vital information about industry trends andemerging technologies through the presentation from thought leaders, IT government leaders and industry experts.This event will provide opportunities to hear from experts on digital strategy, technology and leadership and the new ways ofimplementing complex change, whilst reflecting on the power transformative government change.
Topics Covered:
  • Approaches in aligning people, Processes and Systems for Digital Transformation Efficiency
  • Progress in Digital Urban Planning, an International Overview
  • Digital communication, transparency and service delivery – The next steps…
  • Customer focused services through improved rigour in project delivery
  • How to change public perception when managing an end-to-end product delivery system
  • Establishing Departmental alignment and end-to-end visibility
  • Analysing the benefits of removing fragmentation from service delivery
  • What considerations need to be made in transforming service design?
  • Heightened digital focus: Shifting service delivery to a faster, more reliable user-focused model
Who Should Attend:

This conference will bring together IT executives, directors and managers from the three tiers
of government and thewider public sector – including CIOs and CTOs, CDO, Chief Innovation
Officer, Digital Transformation Project Leaders,Department Secretary, ICT Strategy,
E-Government, Shared Services- as well as private companies whose work relates tothe IT
operating environment.

If you cannot make it to the live Online Conference, we can send you the recorded session after the event.

Annual Digital Govt Speakers
Learn speakers of the 4th Annual Digital Govt 2021 - Govt Digital Transformation & Continuous Improvement In Service Delivery.
Program Director Service NSW
Founder and Principal Data 4D
Project Lead Open Government Partnership, Department of Industry
Scientia Scholar, University of New South Wales
Deputy Director, Digital Transformation, Department of Justice and Community Safety
Executive Director, Digital and Customer Communications Division, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
General Manager Technology Delivery and Projects Australian Digital Health
Chief Customer Officer Service Victoria
Founder and CEO, Alpha Transform
Founder and CEO, 01Gov
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Panel chair:

ANDREW RAMSDEN, Founder and CEO, Alpha Transform

This session will look to focus on a couple of projects the Department of Justice and Community Safety are working on to boost social business collaboration from ownership to capability and the digital maturity of our projects to reach steady state and the next phase of UX and digital measures. We will address:

  • Our strategy and stakeholder partnerships
  • What we changed and how we continue to optimise systems, so it’s aligned departmentally
  • How quickly the uptake was from a customer point of view and how that changed the utilisation
  • Vendor relationship management – risk mitigation and adding in new ways to deliver customer facing forms without being reliant on the vendor
  • The UX and our plans in measuring channels across services to review the digital experience
  • Efforts are being made around the world to modernise and digitise planning systems, making information more accessible so communities understand how their communities are changing and growing
  • Over the past year the Planning Institute of Australia has developed a digital strategy outlining the best approach to the development of planning technology to support outcomes for great places to live, and what the industry needs to do to be prepared for changes arising from digital disruption
  • This strategy focuses on the need to get all pieces of the underlying digital public infrastructure in place as a pre-requisite to widespread innovation.
  • How can we start the discussions internally to embed a digital first culture that fosters innovation?
  • How can we begin to improve collaboration across silos?
  • How can we open conversations to realise the potential of new trends & technologies?
  • How does the citizen control their data?
  • Understanding the necessary customer touch to build trust?
  • How to change public perception when managing an end-to-end product delivery system
  • Establishing Departmental alignment and end-to-end visibility
  • How opting out could be communicated to the customer and merged across the department into one delivery stream
  • Assessing policy, privacy rights, system integration, changes in legislation, modifications all through the project lifecycle
  • Lessons learned from the opt-out project
  • Dealing with customers becoming more digitally literate
  • Building trust and being able to demonstrate credibility and liability
  • Understanding major policy issues, sensitivities, framework considerations for controls and existing risk frameworks
  • How can we reframe conversations around outcomes?
  • How can we develop and establish a strong culture?
  • Investigating the risks and benefits of transforming including costs, trials and flexibility
  • Exploring the outcomes: What was successful and what are our next steps as a result?
  • Why do governments need to take their innovation labs online in the post COVID-19 world?
  • How are virtual innovation labs different from physical ones?
  • Case study: the first virtual innovation lab for UAE government
  • 7 principles for designing virtual innovation labs
  • Moving forward, where to start?
  • How strategy and the vision became the reality
  • How design thinking was applied to transform digital services experiences
  • How an adaptive approach was taken to embrace CX design
  • How cross-collaboration was embraced to build unified data and ongoing digital capabilities
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