October 21, 2019 - October 22, 2019 Grace Hotel Sydney

Embracing a collaborative and holistic approach to providing sustainable financial outcomes
and optimal living standards for the Australian retiree sector

21st October 2019 - Day1

Coffee and Registration

Stephen Huppert, Director, Stephen Huppert Consulting

  • Factoring in needs of all cohorts for more equitable
    solutions for Australians saving for and in retirement –
    better products offerings and ROIs, engagement and
    advice to meet differing needs, expectations, risk appetites
  • Impact of Hayne, Productivity and Aged care
    Commissions in accelerating action
  • Focusing on longevity risk and pervasive “fear of running
    out of money” – providing safety net options,
    comprehensive longevity planning combining financial
    advice with lifestyle planning
  • How feasible is true collaboration between key stakeholders?

Jeremy Duffield, Chairman, SuperEd
Ian Henschke, Chief Advocate, National Seniors
Dr Teagan Altschwager, Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne Business School

Stephen Huppert, Director, Stephen Huppert Consulting
Eva Scheerlinck, CEO, AIST
Wayne Strandquis, Acting National President, Association
of Independent Retirees (A.I.R.)

  • Super contributions, concessions and caps,
  • Single Superfund Default account
  • Age Pension means/asset testing
  • Pension loan scheme
  • Work bonus for over 60s
  • Raising SG
  • Tax structures
  • Reducing costs of aged/home care packages
  • Social housing and rental options for non-homeowners
  • Is a bipartisan approach possible?

Prof Anthony Asher, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies\
Australian School of Business, UNSW

Nick Sherry, Chairman APAC, FNZ
Ian Yates, CEO, COTA

  • Getting Boards buy-in to enhance governance and risk
    management practices
  • Creating a failsafe culture of accountability and
  • Becoming a “fit for purpose retirement superfund” –
    how is it defined? How can it be achieved?
  • Update on retirement covenant and retirement income
    strategy obligation
  • How to reverse reputational damage and win back
    members/clients trust

Joanna Mather, Superannuation Writer, Australian
Financial Review, AFR

Adrian Donato, Senior Associate, King and Wood Mallesons
Carole Ferguson, Solicitor, Risk, Compliance & Governance Consultant
Vasyl Nair, Chief Risk Officer, Mine Super
Darren Kennedy, Principal Adviser, Retirement, Australian Treasury

  • Understanding the needs and wants of retirees is key to managing their risks
  • If income is the key financial objective, then there is a balance between drawing-down too slowly (underspending risk) and drawing-down too quickly (risk of ruin)
  • Sophisticated modelling is required to measure retirement risks
  • Behavioural economics plays an important role in mitigating risks in retirement

David Carruthers, Principal Consultant, Head of Member
Solutions, Frontier Advisers

  • In 2017, with Peter Brain, Ian published a book entitled
    Credit Code Red (Melbourne, Scribe). The book highlighted
    trends in Australian balance sheets.
  • In the banking sector, an increase in overseas borrowing
    balanced against an increase in mortgage lending to
  • In the household sector, an increase in mortgage
    borrowing balanced against an increase in the value of
    land and superannuation assets.
  • For Australia as a whole, an increase in net overseas debt
    balanced against an increase in the value of land.
    Ian argues these trends have not increased Australia’s
    export revenues & so have failed to generate a flow of
    foreign exchange to service overseas debt. With the world
    economy in a fragile state banks may find themselves with
    debts to international creditors they cannot repay.
    Ian will share his perspective that national superannuation
    which was supposed to reduce reliance on overseas
    savings has so far failed.

Dr Ian Manning, Deputy Director, National Institute
Economic Research

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Where are we at in developing product solutions to meet
    wide ranging needs and expectations?
  • How to address specific risks of longevity, inflation,
  • Default options – update on CIPRSs requirement
  • Age pension combination product solutions, pooled
    products, annuities, pension loan schemes

Ben Hillier, Head of Product, QSuper
William Burkitt, Post-Retirement Innovation Leader

Jim Hennington, Actuary and Adviser
Dirk Dobbs, Head of Strategy and Product, HESTA

  • Combining longevity protection with investment choice
  • International experience of participating products and
    exotic options
  • Other ways of smoothing investment returns
  • Managing systematic longevity risks
  • The Actuaries Institute Information Note

Prof Anthony Asher, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies,
Australian School of Business, UNSW

  • What do retirees need?
  • Defining multiple competing objectives
  • Financial decisions they must make
  • Personal life expectancy
  • New products and strategies
  • Which metrics help to assess and compare options?
  • Stochastic modelling can look simple
  • Results – optimised strategies

Jim Hennington, Head of Innovation, Optimum Pensions

  • Current structure – how can it be improved?
  • How to simplify the assessment process and “cut
    through the red tape”
  • How Superfunds and advisors can work “in sync” with
    Centrelink to help members/clients
  • Minimising reliance on age pension – raising eligibility
    age, review of existing means/asset testing legislation,
    increase sg, pension loan scheme, 60 + work bonus,
    deferred annuity options
  • Age pension structure in other countries

Hugh Morrow, CEO and Co-Founder, SuperEd
Ian Yates, CEO, COTA
Andrew Boal, CEO, Rice Warner

      • 5.10 Close Of Day One
      • 5.15 Networking Drinks
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