October 21, 2019 - October 22, 2019 Grace Hotel Sydney

Embracing a collaborative and holistic approach to providing sustainable financial outcomes
and optimal living standards for the Australian retiree sector

22nd October 2019 - Day2

Coffee and Registration

  • Converting plans into reality – understanding factors that
    contribute to likely success
  • Impact of cognitive decline in decision making – how will
    people know if they are impacted?
  • Differences in perceptions of what wealth and poverty
  • Factors affecting whether or not people plan


Associate Professor Joanne Earl, Department of Psychology,
Faculty of Human Sciences Program Director, Professional
Psychology, Macquarie University

  • Engagement strategies to win back member/client trust
    post Hayne
  • Need for less product driven and more health, aged care,
    family and lifestyle related advice
  • Using robo-advice and fintech to help educate and
    empower members/clients in decision making
  • Importance of affordable and ease of access advice
  • The power of AI in shaping customer motivations and
    preferences – (ethical issues?)

Jason Andriessen, MD, CoreData
Josef Pilger, Global Pension and Retirement Segment Leader, EY,
Duncan McPherson, CEO, Link Advice, Retirement &
Superannuation Solutions, Link Group

Fraser Jack, Head of Client Partnerships, AI Intelligence

  • What findings from the AC Commission will mean for the
    future of the system
  • Collaborative efforts needed to share and shoulder the
  • Views on a regulated system needed to improve
    efficiencies, reduce costs and protect the more vulnerable
    and “at risk’ retirees
  • Superfunds, financial advisors & insurance companies
    taking a more holistic approach by offering aged and
    health care advice as part of long term planning strategy
  • How can operating costs be reduced to benefit retirees?
  • Insurance coverage

William Burkitt, Post Retirement Innovation Leader, Mercer
Pat Sparrow, CEO, Aged and Community Services Australia

Ian Yates, CEO, COTA
Jemma Briscoe, Head of Research and Technical Advice,
Aged Care Gurus

  • What needs to be done now to improve outcomes for
    current and future generations of women
  • What’s on the table and in the pipeline – addressing
    gender wage gap, increase in SG and extra tax breaks for
    low income earners, increased paid parental leave
  • Improving financial literacy to empower women to be
    more confident about financial management

Angela Priestley, Editorial Director and Owner, Women’s Agenda
Sangeeta Venkatesan, Executive Chair, FairVine
Richard Denniss, Chief Economist, The Australia Institute
Sue West, Founder and Principal, Money Natters

  • How to make Super a “cool” topic
  • Gaining trust and loyalty in challenging times
  • Thoughts on growing groups of young people choosing
    to live frugally (Retire Early Movement (Fire) )
  • Impact of housing unaffordability, high cost of living, low
    wages, gig and flex jobs in securing a financially secure

Kirstin Hunter, CEO, Future Super

  • Retiring early or choosing to work for longer
  • Inflation and longevity protection
  • Access to capital
  • Spending fluctuation over time in retirement
  • Age pension means testing impacts
  • Impact of large expenditures now on longer term
  • Impact of health on sustainable lifestyle/spending

Dr Shang Wu, Senior Investment Analyst at First State Super

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Trends in retirement savings in the pension phase
  • Changing SMSF demographics and role of SMSFs for

  • Implications of Productivity Commission
    recommendations on SMSFs and other super funds
  • Potential impact of Retirement Incomes Review on SMSF
  • Impact of recent and proposed legislation and
    regulations on SMSFs
  • Impact of Transfer Balance Cap on SMSFs and other tax
    management considerations
    Managing the disruption of retirement and estate plans

John Maroney, CEO, SMSF Association

In Australia, the number of people over 65 will grow from
3.7million in 2016 to 6million by 2031. This ‘silver
tsunami’ brings enormous opportunities for those who
truly understand the needs of this growing Modern Ageing
market. Unlike previous generations, this group are no
longer retiring at 65 and dying at 67, they are continuing to
work and live for another ten, twenty, or even thirty years.
These years are full of life, adventure and purpose as they
continue to spend, work, travel and contribute.
The Global Centre for Modern Ageing have been at the
forefront of modern ageing and Julianne will provide
insights into what your business can do to remain relevant
and vital for your customers and to help your employees
reimagine and manage their transition to retirement.
Julianne Parkinson, CEO, Global Centre for Modern Ageing,

  • Slowing down the ageing gene
  • 80 is the new 60
  • Future world of people living beyond 200 + years

Stephen Huppert, Director, Stephen Huppert Consulting

  • Future of Super – mergers and consolidation – thoughts
    on Future Fund managing default super
  • Other options outside Super to save effectively for
  • Reducing Pension Poverty amongst disadvantaged
  • Addressing younger generations concerns about the
  • Applying global insights into improving the Australian
    Retirement system

Harrison Worley, Journalist, Financial Standard
Sean McGing, Actuary, McGing Advisory
Brendan Coates, Household Finances Program Director, Grattan Institute
Josef Pilger, Global Pension and Retirement Segment
Leader, EY

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