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As a senior mining industry professional, if you aren’t personally leading or indirectly involved in the digital transformation of mine haulage, you are no doubt aware of implementation of automation and technology as being an industry-wide, key business driver. In response to this critical need for transformation, leading operators are firmly focussed on developing and implementing a future-ready learning and development strategy. Driving this business imperative is the imperative to ensure current and future streams of talent are equipped with the agility to re-skill or up-skill, evolving skillset capabilities to be in alignment with emerging tech innovation. The strategic use of intelligent mining solutions such as data and analytics, artificial intelligence, RPA and autonomous transportation will be powerful tools for the mine haulage workforce to optimise operations.

Leading mining operators have recognised that in the year 2020, the future has undeniably arrived. These enterprises have already implemented agile learning and development programmes, with a clear business push towards a digitally empowered workforce equipped with the flexibility to efficiently re-skill and up-skill as needed, to leverage the constant evolution in tech innovation. Could you confidently and accurately predict what the future of mine haulage will resemble? Are you prioritising investment in the latest products and services available to exploit explosive new operational improvement and cost-cutting opportunities across the mine haulage sector? This conference has been designed to deliver best practice strategies and showcase the leading innovative solutions smashing these critical challenges. This conference is designed BY mining industry and transport leaders FOR mining industry and transport leaders.

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Every aspect of Mine haulage is evolving at an exponential rate. Previously unattainable fleet capability, performance improvements and cost savings are being measured in almost every area of a mine’s operations and logistics. Most mines now utilise advanced fleet management systems (FMS) and data analytics to monitor their fleets in real time: everything from payload to tyre conditions, engine performance and fuel management. The number of mines trialling or planning to trial fully autonomous machines or at least teleremote machines is increasing every single month as the benefits are proven and the hardware gets more affordable. The equipment OEMs themselves are planning for the future, with cables machines, machines running on LNG or electric power, and the use of geofencing, telematics and greater degrees of digitalisation.

Key Benefits of Attending:

  • Optimise Operations Using Intelligent Mining: Industry News & Essential Expert Insights
  • Equipping An Agile Workforce With The Skills Required To Leverage Evolving Technology
  • Discover The Emerging Sustainability Solutions Improving Operational Productivity
  • Embracing Automation To Boost Operational Performance and Reduce Safety Risk
  • Game-Changing Mining Innovation: What’s Next in 2020? Exclusive Investment Tips

2020 Conference Theme:

  • The Future of Haulage and Loading – Integrating new technologies into haulage systems
  • Mine Design Considerations for the Future – Autonomous Trucks
  • Autonomous Experiences – site and supplier experiences
  • Costing Haul Road Construction and Rebuilds
  • Technology Solutions for Haul Road Monitoring and Management
  • Strategies to Improve Productivity – site and supplier experiences
  • Improving Mine Haul Roads by Using Advanced Instruments to Measure Haul Road Parameters
  • Managing Fatal Risks in Mine Equipment Operations
  • Strategies to Improve Productivity
  • How Mining Companies Are Using AI, Machine Learning & Robots
  • Dust Management
  • Tyre Management and Maintenance
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • The Future of Mine Safety & Collision avoidance Systems

Conference Overview:

CEOs, COOs, CIOs, CFO, Heads of:

Mine Haulage, Logistics; Fleet Management; Health, Safety and Environment, Project Cost Controller; Performance; Digital Transformation; Technology Strategy; Data and Analytics; Autonomous Vehicles; Artificial Intelligence; Environmental Management

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