9th Annual iPARM 2021 FormInvestment Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk Management
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This conference includes insightful presentations from industry experts. We examine how risk measures must be tailored to the both the investors’ objectives and time horizons and why traditional measures of risk may provide misleading information in many cases.

The issue of the investment time horizon is further put under the microscope as we explore the measurement of the performance of superannuation funds. The APRA heat map is discussed in depth.

Is smart beta as smart as some would lead us to believe? We review the pros and cons of adopting such strategies.

We look at options for preparing and presenting performance reports to the Board and other senior members of the organisation.

Later on, we look at some of the more technical aspects of performance measurement, including fixed income attribution, risk models, development of post tax performance models and the associated deployment of technology. The perennial debate of active versus investment management is also included.

The conference would benefit both experienced performance analysts in introducing different perspectives and new ideas as well as providing invaluable insights for those in the earlier stages of a career in performance analytics.

Topics Covered:
  • Measuring the Performance of Superannuation Funds
  • Risk for long term investors – new research
  • Long Horizon Investing performance measurement– reflections on progress
  • Performance & Risk Impacts of the YFYS Performance test?
  • Future of Performance Technology
  • Performance Teams under Pressure: Managing the Data, Tools and Technology in a changing landscape
  •  How smart is a smart beta strategy
  • APRA MySuper Heat Maps
  • Outsourcing performance measurement
  • Presentation of investment performance to management and the Board
  • Risk Adjusted Performance
  • Active or passive equities management
  • Introduction to performance measurement for fixed income portfolios
  • Processes, Systems, Technology and Performance Measurement
  • The balance between performance analytics provided by a custodian, an off the shelf software package and in house developed solutions
  • Migrating to after-tax performance reporting
  • Developing a post tax model
Who Should Attend:

Who will be attending? Senior Leaders from Federal, State and Local Government with responsibilities for:

  • Heads of performance
  • Performance & Attribution and Data Managers & Analysts
  • Performance Reporting
  • Investment Performance Risk
  • Investment Managers
  • Manager, Investment Performance Analytics
  • Heads of Investment Risk
  • Head of Investment Operations
  • Portfolio managers and senior investment people
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Heads of Technology

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9th Annual iPARM 2021 Speakers
Learn speakers of the 9th Annual iPARM 2021 - Investment Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk Management 2021 Forum
Senior VP, Head of Investment Risk and AnalyticsServices, Northern Trust
Head of Research, Chant West
RAEWYN WILLIAMS, Former Managing Director, Research, Parametric Portfolio Australia
Chairman,Fairvine Super
Principal at Athena IOC
Chief Adviser, Confluence (UK). Founder Freedom Index Company, UK
Head of Investment Performance & Data, QSuper Group
Director, Flametree Technologies (UK)
Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics, The Australian National University
Principal Consultant, Head of Member Solutions, Frontier Advisors
Director, Investment Advisory, PwC Australia
Head of Business Solutions at GBST
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9th Annual iPARM 2021 Schedule
Learn schedule, program and topics of the 9th Annual iPARM 2021 - Investment Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk Management 2021 Forum

Sir Issac Newton, Charles Darwin, John Maynard Keynes,
Sir Francis Bacon, Dmitri Mendeleev, Albert Einstein and
Florence Nightingale’s and their contributions to
performance measurement

Chief Adviser, Confluence (UK)

• Concepts behind evaluation of risk over long horizons,
including: focusing on shortfall versus objectives,
for sustained loss and path dependence
• Issues with (short-term) volatility-based measures
• Decomposing the wealth drivers into initial expected
return, cash flows, discount rates and reinvestment
• Modelling long-term outcomes us

• What is Long Horizon Investing (LHI) performance measurement
• Advocates of LHI performance measurement
• What are the benefits of LHI performance measurement
• Issues with traditional performance measurement methodologies
• Why do current methods prevail
• Issues to consider
• How much progress has the industry made in the past few years?

Principal at Athena IOC

10:50 Morning Coffee

• What is the ideal time frame for super fund
performance measurement?
• Should surveys continue to publish short term
• To what extent can super funds game the system
through their definitions of “growth” or “defensive”
• Is a MySuper product with higher exposure to equities and other growth assets guaranteed to outperform in the long run?
• The true cost to members of higher exposures to growth assets
• The importance of the investment return relative to other factors

Chairman, FairVine Super

General Manager, Chant West

Head of Portfolio Construction Research at JANA Investment Advisers (invited)

• The performance test – what is it and why is it important
• How do you measure YFYS risk
• How significant is the risks
• What will funds do in response

Principal, Mercer Investment Consulting

12:30 - 1:30 Lunch Break

• Examples of smart beta strategies
• Equal weighting
• Factor based
• Capping
• Fundamentally weighted
• Is smart beta always a cost-effective strategy?
• The potential shortcomings of smart beta strategies
• Setting benchmarks for smart beta strategies
• Measuring the performance of a smart beta strategy

• The benefits of extra transparency of fund performance
• Is the objective of enabling comparison between funds being achieved?
• Is the emphasis on fees appropriate?
• How favourably do the results reflect on super fund performance?
• What time horizon is required for the heat map to provide optimum value?
• What are the shortcomings of the MySuper heatmap?

• Is a custodian the only real option for providing outsourced services?
• Why is in house performance analytics the preferred option for many?
• To what extent can an outsourcer tailor their reporting for individual clients?
• What are the specific client requirements that can make outsourcing problematic?
• Is outsourcing cost effective?


Director, Investment Advisory,
PwC Australia

Senior VP, Head of Investment Risk
and Analytics Services, Northern Trust(invited)

Other panel members TBA

3:10 Afternoon Tea

• The need for independence in performance reporting
• Tailoring the level of reporting to the audience
• Getting buy in from the fund managers
• Examples of presentation styles
• FAQs from the Board and Executives

Head of Investment Performance &
Operations at QSuper Group

8:20 Delegate Registration & Coffee

• What does the latest SPIVA research tell us?
• Is the APRA heat map driving superannuation funds into
passive equities management?
• What is the primary case for continued active
• Would a move into greater passive management have
an adverse effect on arms length analysis of company
• What trends are we seeing overseas?

• Basic performance formulae, cash flows and coupons, performance of derivatives
• Equity attribution
• Fixed income risk
• Pricing fixed income securities
• First-principles vs. perturbational pricing

Director, Flametree Technologies

10:40 Morning Coffee

• The extreme reliance on Excel
• How analysts can use multiple programming
languages to reduce errors and increase the scope and automation potential of their performance, risk and attribution calculations
• Preferred technology solutions that can be embraced inhouse

• The cost differentiators
• The key functionality differentiators
• The need for the right blend of technical IT and performance analytics skills
• The extent to which performance analytics can be commoditised

Director, Flametree Technologies

Senior Analyst, Performance Attribution,Funds SA (TBC)

Other panel members TBA

12:50 Lunch

Super funds and their managers are slowly migrating
from the traditional pre-tax focus to after-tax
performance measurement. This session will cover:
• Why is the move to after-tax performance reporting
• What are funds and managers' current obligations with
respect to after-tax performance measurement?
• What does an after-tax performance report look like?
• Why is the migration to an after-tax focus so slow?
• What will be the catalysts for the industry (eg YFYS,
APRA heatmap, super fund mergers) to complete the
migration en masse?
• What is the role you can play in this migration?

Former Managing Director, Research, Parametric Portfolio Australia

• The components of a post tax model
• The opportunities for tax optimisation
• Post tax attribution analysis
• Benchmarks commonly available today and their potential shortcomings
• How to get buy in from the investment managers


Former Managing Director, Research, Parametric Portfolio Australia

Head of Business Solutions


Principal Consultant Athena IOC

• Risk control vs risk management
• Risk management – finding the balance between long-term performance and short term restrictions
• Integrating risk controls when building portfolios
• Comparing and contrasting risk management models
• Investigating the quality and use of risk models

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