SEP 12, 2019 - SEP 13, 2019 Rex Hotel Canberra

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Jamie Leach, CEO, Open Data Australia

  • Reconnect with the history of privacy legislation in this
  • Understanding the data sharing challenge
  • How is ACT government attempting to tackle these issues?

BETTINA KONTI, Chief Digital Officer, ACT Government

  • Giving insight into the enterprise operational model that’s building delivery, customer trust and transparency
  • Where are we so far in the journey and what obstacles have, we had to overcome
  • Understanding the role and the responsibilities of data and analytics in a modernised tax administration, specifically regarding governance, privacy, ethics, storage, risk assurance?
  • How can we further build education for data decision making?
  • The next step; agile planning programs and the future


  • Tina MacLean, GM, Data Science and Analytics, Inland Revenue NZ
  • Mike Cunnington, Deputy Commissioner, Information and Intelligence, Inland Revenue NZ

Clarification is needed on how we can convince citizens of the pay-off from data sharing with a clear and renewed articulation of its value proposition. This session will look at:

  • What is public trust?
  • The role of transparency around data
  • The key principles and values of using data effectively to drive public engagement

Mukul Agrawal, Chief Citizen Experience Officer, Department of Human Services

The ACT Data Analytics Centre aims to build data literacy across the ACT Government. With better data management and analytics capabilities, the government can ultimately deliver better policies and services for citizens. Of the initiatives that are focused on, the one that will be presented on in this case study is; the enterprise grade data analytics platform;

  • We recognised that the traditional “waterfall” approach to systems engineering simply didn’t delivery what we needed.
  • Completely reorganised the way we worked and adopted a DevOps approach which allowed us to build it in 16 weeks
  • The need to break away from the silo mindsets to lead to the desired outcome
  • How to deal with the growing demand and volume of data which is why the platform is built to be scalable
  • Assessing how to help getting buy-in for the vision and build trust, bouts of negotiation and relationship management where required
  • We have now decoupled access to data from access to systems and thereby paved the way for seamless data sharing across directorates

Dr Ole Nielsen, Director, Scientific Computing, GeoScience Australia

  • Insights into key data pain points and challenges when
    implementing emerging technologies
  • Insights into key data pain points and challenges when
    used by your third party providers/vendors
  • What are the signs to look for and what ‘early’ questions
    can you ask to help your organisation?

Anu Kukar, Director – Risk Strategy & Technology, KPMG Australia

  • The risk of using and not using linked data for public good research
  • Transformational changes in data sharing and use – how far have we come and where are we heading?
  • The role of researchers in shaping data use and access design principles, and achieving and maintaining a social license

Claire Vajdic,Associate Professor, Centre for Big Data in Health, UNSW and The Australian Real-World Data Network (RADiANT)

  • Assessing the challenges and overcoming the hurdles of creating and managing advanced data sets
  • Establishing arrangements for a national system
  • Solving cross-jurisdiction, multi-framework and infrastructure issues
  • Improving outcomes for person-centered data analysis

Geoff Neideck, Group Head, Data Strategies and Information Technologies Group, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

  • What are the key data challenges facing the government?
  • The skills gap really exists
  • Equipping the Data Champions
  • Education vs Toolkits
  • Balancing the Challenges and Opportunities

Jamie Leach, CEO, Open Data Australia

  • Is Australia’s data economy unique?
  • What determines customer value?
  • What models are there for governments to accelerate a thriving data economy?

Michael Dixon, Chief Data Officer, PSMA Austalia

Rebecca Fealy, Assistant Commissioner, Data Science
and Engineering Smarter Data, Australian Taxation Office

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