ANNUAL IOC 2022Investment Operations Challenges Conference 2022
21st-22nd November 2022, Grace Hotel Sydney
About Annual IOC 2022
This conference provides insights into and valuable guidance for managing the challenges facing the Investment Operations business unit. We explore the issues with managing the Front Office in the capacity of both a service provider and a “policeman” How to walk a fine line between keeping the customer happy and keeping them on the right path in terms of compliance and performance. We look at the benefits to members of new innovative products like “self-invest” and the role Investment operations plays in implementing such solutions. Mergers are a hot topic in the industry and the conference looks at some of the less obvious implications of being part of a fund merger. The deployment of appropriate technology is fundamental to an efficient organization and this topic is also discussed. The conference is appropriate for Investment operation staff at all levels as well as Finance and Risk and Compliance staff in terms of gaining a better understanding of different parts of their organisations.
Topics Covered Include:
  • Current Challenges Facing the Investment Operations Functions and Challenges for the Future
  • Managing the relationship with the Front Office
  • Self invest investment options
  • Automation in the Back Office
  • Automation of Process in Investment Operations
  • Operational risk management
  • Novation and assignment of IMAs during a merger
  • Custodian review and tender
  • Insourcing & Outsourcing – Finding the right balance for maximum operational efficiency
  • Empowering Multi-Asset Front-to-Back Investment
  • Why Mergers don’t always lead to scale benefits
  • The implications of ESG investing on the Back Office
  • Designing end to end operations to be fit for purpose and support long term strategy for middle office excellence
  • Trends in operational due diligence
  • Managing a career in Investment Operations

“Exploring the issues affecting the back and middle office
and ways to optimise your investment operations and improve efficiency”

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