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The Federal Government unveiled its first Digital Transformation Strategy with the aim of digitising all public interactions with departments and agencies by 2025.
Evidence shows the Public Sector are working not only to ensure successful transformation journeys have begun but to accelerate adoption and implementation of a digital transformation to drive citizen centric service delivery.
A total of AUD$92.4 million is being invested in a digital identity system and the Federal Government is increasingly focused on innovating the way services are delivered. In addition to that, the government announced a four-year, AUD$29.9 million investment to support the development of AI in Australia.
With that in mind, IBR have compiled a compact two-day conference agenda to open discussion on digital transformation, disruption & innovation to inspire change and collaboration for enhanced citizen-centric services.

Main topics to be discussed:

  • Examining a truly intergovernmental approach to design and service delivery
    • Establishing and understanding the role of data in digital transformation
    • Capability development and implementing AI, the ethics and operationalising AI
  • Streamlining govt processes and operations to transform e-government
  • Exploring the case of a digital transformation involving analytics, mobile and web technologies
  • Designing actionable customer-centric adaptive business models for effective digital transformation
  • Creating a digital strategy that will enable you to simplify processes and leverage digital platforms for efficient delivery

Who should attend:

  • Head of Digital Experience
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Head of Digital Capability
  • Service Delivery and Engagement
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Digital Director
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Digital, Business and Service Head
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Govt Digital Transformation 2020. Speakers
Learn speakers of the Govt Digital Transformation 2020.
Chief Data Scientist, Customer Delivery and Transformation Department of Customer Service
Program Director Service NSW
Open Data Lead, NZ Transport Agency
General Manager Technology Delivery and Projects Australian Digital Health
Manager - Integrated Services Department of Internal Affairs NZ
Senior Data Scientist Data and Analytics Energy Safe Victoria
Director Digital Transformation Digital Public Service Branch Dept of Internal Affairs NZ
CEO Agile Consortium
Chief Customer Officer Service Victoria
Director, Customer Transformation & Digital Acceleration Labs Department of Customer
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Govt Digital Transformation 2020 Schedule
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  • How do we define a digital transformation and its
  • Digital first opposed to digital only: catering and adapting digital avenues for all
  • How can we do digital well to improve accessibility without removing the customer base?
  • How can we implement the fundamental retooling of
    processes and systems, for linearity and efficiency in
    service delivery?
  • How to change public perception when managing an
    end-to-end product delivery system
  • Establishing Departmental alignment and end-to-end
  • How opting out could be communicated to the customer
    and merged across the department Vinto one delivery stream
  • Assessing policy, privacy rights, system integration,
    changes in legislation, modifications all through the
    project lifecycle
  • Lessons learned from the opt-out project
  • Dealing with customers becoming more digitally literate

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • What was the strategy?
  • How has it been implemented to date?
  • The hurdles when implementing a new system and dealing with onboarding in times of change
  • Identifying and discussing trigger points such as asset
  • Dealing with APL pipelines `and integrating multiple
    systems for data entry
  • Enhancing the end-to-end process view of organisational
    performance, service delivery, culture and change
  • How can we build on trust and transparency to improve, share, use, store and manage data?
  • Enabling data-driven innovation
  • Safeguarding the data that we are using
  • How can we govern data and look at improving the down
    sides to digital transformation?
  • How can we handle disparate data models, silos of
    information and a fragmented infrastructure?

Government agencies need an ethical framework for the era of
intelligent machines. This round table will discuss:

  • Managing individual privacy rights in delivering the best
    products and services
  • Balancing the efficiency and productivity of automation
    against potential job losses?
  • Realising the ethical considerations of digital and cloud transformation in a tech-driven world
  • Assessing the environmental cost and how to minimise waste
  • What’s the negative impact on the environment of data
    and digital?

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Addressing the increasing complexity in public policy in
    an environment of declining trust
  • Looking beyond simply providing a digital platform
  • How can using AI and machine learning help us?
  • Understanding what level of assurance digital identity
  • Using digital identity as the foundation to build a trusting
  • Considering how to create a trust framework

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • How can we start the discussions internally to embed a
    digital first culture that fosters innovation?
  • How can we begin to improve collaboration across silos?
  • How can we open conversations to realise the potential
    of new trends & technologies?

Panellists invited:

  • GARTH MCDONALD, General Manager Technology, Delivery And Projects, Australian Digital Health Agency
  • AIMEE WHITCROFT, Open Data Establishment Lead NZ Transport Agency
  • DARRYL CARPENTER, Manager - Integrated Services The Department Of Internal Affairs New Zealand
  • How does the citizen control their data?
  • Understanding the necessary customer touch to build

Panel Chair:

  • ALAN BELL, Director Digital Transformation, Dept. of Internal Affairs NZ

Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Day 1

1 Hour Networking Drinks opportunity for participants.

  • Empowering customers and citizens to voluntarily share
  • Streamlining interactions between citizens and government to proactively communicate outcomes
  • Reusing data between government in a shared way and
    establishing a digital citizen identity
  • Building trust and being able to demonstrate credibility
    and liability

  • Understanding major policy issues, sensitivities,
    framework considerations for controls and existing risk

  • How can we reframe conversations around outcomes?

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • How can we develop and establish a strong culture?
  • Investigating the risks and benefits of transforming
    including costs, trials and flexibility
  • Exploring the outcomes: What was successful and what
    are our next steps as a result?

Panellists invited:

  • DAMIAN CARMICHAEL, Project Lead Open Government Partnership,
    Department Of Industry
  • CLAIRE DANIEL,Chair Pia Plantech Working Group, Faculty Of The Built Environment, UNSW
  • ROLF GREEN, Data Principal, Data Logic
  • PHILIP MUEHLECK, Program Director, Service UNSW
  • CLAIRE DANIEL, Chair PIA PlanTech Working Group, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW

This presentation would cover three key elements of service design transformation:

  • Barriers to Transformation: likely stumbling blocks in
    implementing Agile Service Delivery
  • Raising the Bar: Managing the shift from Operational to Strategic Agility
  • Purpose – People – Process: necessary and sufficient
    foundations for Service Transformation

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • How strategy and the vision became the reality
  • How design thinking was applied to transform digital
    services experiences
  • How an adaptive approach was taken to embrace CX design
  • How cross-collaboration was embraced to build unified
    data and ongoing digital capabilities
  • How to cultivate a culture that supports innovation
  • How to build relationships and work collaboratively cross
    departmentally in delivering
    services and maintaining a shared responsibility
  • How to create a mini safe operating environment to fail
    yet drive a culture of continuous
    learning and improvement

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Refining your approach to enterprise architecture
  • Embracing digital first and examining a truly intergovernmental approach to design and delivery
  • Assessing what customer-centric service innovation
    looks like and how it drives performance and efficiencies
  • What should be considered from beginning to end in a transformation process?
  • How to get from process to success and what could go wrong?

Chair’s Closing Remarks Day Two

Post-Conference Masterclass:

Agile Leadership in Practice

Hosted by JOHN WILLIAMS, CEO, Agile Consortium

The Masterclass will run as a full-day session on 22nd July in two
parts: 9:00am-12.00pm, and then 1:00pm – 4:00pm, as follows:
During the session, we’ll be:

  • Assessing the impact of a shift to Agile Leadership
  • Exploring how to drive meaningful change via the human
    side of transformation
  • Unlocking pace and productivity with an agile leadership approach

The morning session would comprise 15 minutes of initial
information on the 9 Principles of Agile Leadership and then the
rest of the morning spent exploring practical answers to an Agile
Leadership question and feeding back from group discussions.
The afternoon session would be spent revisiting the Agile
Leadership question with a subtle yet substantive twist, requiring
some significant shifts in ‘comfort zone’ thinking.

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