16th – 17th November 2021
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This two day conference explores many of the technical and operational aspect of unit pricing. The Guide to Good Practice is examined to see how relevant this document remains in 2021, some 13 years after its last release.

Tax provisioning and periodic adjustments have been a constant source of headaches for superannuation funds and the conference provides a deep and insightful analysis into why it is impossible to accurately provision for tax. A further case study is presented, illustrating and quantifying the impacts
of adopting a simpler and more intuitive approach to addressing these issues.

We discuss how unit pricing may be more art than science in many cases and how working from home may have contributed to the operational risks with unit pricing.

The Board’s and the auditors’ roles in the unit pricing world are reviewed and discussed and problems and solutions for training new members are introduced.

Finally we discuss the role of technology and the role of the outsourced service provider in maintaining the integrity of the critical unit pricing process.

The annual Unit Pricing Forum has been running for over a decade and has been consistently among the best received conferences of its kind in Australia. This year’s Forum continues to offer a diversity of topics and industry renowned speakers. The conference provides expert views from the regulators,
superannuation funds, custodians and specialised consulting firms. In addition to insights into the critical day to day functions of risk management, controls and compliance the audience will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of where the unit pricing world is heading in terms of the
regulators’ thinking, real time transacting and the SMA alternative. This conference will be an invaluable learning experience for all members of the unit pricing team as well as for members of the Finance and Tax teams, Risk and Compliance and other areas of superannuation funds and investment management organisations.

Topics Covered:
  •  Is unit pricing more art than science?
  •  Unit pricing implication of fund mergers
  •  Examples of where the technology can make a difference in the accuracy and speed of unit pricing delivery
  • The Guide has not been updated since 2008, is it out of date or standing the test of time?
  •  Tax provisioning and periodic adjustments to tax provisions – the Traditional versus the Simple method – the theory
  •  Lessons learned from the volatile markets during 2020
  •  Key areas covered in the unit pricing audit
  •  Board and senior executive reporting
  •  Managing the outsourced service provider- Why unit pricing is almost always outsourced?
  •  Leveraging the custodian’s technology and expertise
  •  To what extent is the sophistication of the custodian’s technology platform a critical factor?
  •  Examples of where the technology can make a difference in the accuracy and speed of unit pricing delivery
  •  Training the unit pricing team
  •  Staff engagement and the control framework
  •  Crediting rates versus unit prices
  •  Unit pricing technology
Who Should Attend:
  • Unit Pricing Manager
  •  Fund Accounting Manager
  •  Trust Accounting Manager
  •  Unit Pricing Analyst
  •  Taxation Accountant
  •  Actuary
  •  General Manager Fund Operations & Risk
  •  Investment Risk Managers
  • Head of Investment Management
  •  Head of Fund Administration
  •  General Manager Legal & Compliance
  •  Investment Services Manager
  •  Manager Investment Operations
  •  Unit Pricing & Performance Manager
  •  Unit Trust Supervisor…. & also who work with unit pricing in all capacities should attend this event
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Unit Pricing Forum 2021 offers sponsors an excellent opportunity to demonstrate thought-leadership and leverage networking opportunities to build brand value amongst senior unit pricing professionals. If you would like to know more about sponsorship, exhibition and business development opportunities please just get in touch with us

Annual UP 2021 Speakers
Learn speakers of the Annual UP 2021 Unit Pricing Forum 2021.
Senior Manager, Investment Accounting and Operations, Funds SA
Manager Portfolio Oversight, Australian Super
Investment and Operations Manager, ChristianSuper
Director - Investment & Wealth Advisory at Deloitte, Former Head of Investment Risk, APRA
Head of Investment Operations, Qantas Superannuation Limited
Managing Director McGing Advisory & Actuarial
Principal at Athena IOC
Director, Assurance and Advisory Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Independent Consultant & Advisor
Country Manager, Financial Risk Solutions (FRS)
Director, Investment Advisory, PwC Australia
Director, KONU
Trustee Board Independent Director at IOOF Holdings Ltd
Senior Valuations and Alternatives Manager, Investment Performance and Operations, QSuper
Head of Account Management and Clients' Strategist - NAB Asset Servicing, NAB
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