CONFERENCES ON DEMAND: TRANSFORM – Future of people and culture Forum Technology, Talent and Transformation Leadership

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About The Event
This summit is an exclusive first opportunity to benchmark your organisation’s transformation strategy; investment in technology and talent against the strategic road maps of cross industry leaders from a diverse range of business sectors and different sized organisations, at different stages in the transformation journey.
Strategic Leadership

Evolve the future-ready skillset among your team, required to deliver Strategic Leadership

Brand Supremacy

Elevate your Brand above your competitors with an enviable employee experience

Workplace Culture

Implement an agile workplace culture to effectively manage Change Transformation

HR Technology

Game changing HR Tech that gives clarity on what to invest in and what’s next in 2020

Equipping, developing & engaging an agile & productive
workplace with emerging HR Technology and best-practise strategy”

Transform Speakers
Learn speakers of the Transform - future of people and culture forum technology, talent and transformation leadership.
Head of Leadership and Capability, Telstra
Principal, VY Consulting, Former Chief People Officer, Eftpos Australia
Head of People and Culture, AMP Australia
Chief People Officer, Fuji Xerox Australia
Managing Consultant, Human Tribe
Head of HR Pacific, Siemens
Group Director - Employee Experience, Domain
Leadership Consultant
Director, People & Performance, Australian Film, Television & Radio School
Director, Human Resources, Australia & NZ, Tiffany & Co.
Chief People & Culture Officer, Guardian Early Learning Group
Head of People Operations, Marley Spoon Australia
Chief People Officer, Nearmap
Head of People and Culture, RecordPoint
Founder and CEO of QOIA The Real Culture Company, Former Director Culture & Capability, AMP
Independent Consultant & Advisor
Learning & Development Manager, Imperial Brands Australasia
Transform Schedule
Learn schedule, program and topics of the Transform - future of people and culture forum technology, talent and transformation leadership.

Stephen Huppert, Independent Consultant and Advisor

HR Leaders are expected to be a cultural conduit enabling an agile and responsive work place, driving productivity and supporting employee engagement during times of seismic operational and systematic change. During this opening session gain deep insight from an industry leading expert in best practice and lessons learned in leading complex transformation.

  • Wearing multiple hats whilst leading and building a culture of innovation: can it be done?
  • Managing and leading change while building resilience both personally& organisationally
  • Delivering high-impact, innovative workforce solutions and experiences that improve workers’ lives
  • Transforming all areas of the organisation through organisational change and transformation, strategy development, organisational design, and large scale outsourcing globally

A highly effective and valued HR director will provide the CEO and executive team with honest and pragmatic advice, even when the truth is challenging to deliver. This session will explore the role of the HR director as the candid truth-teller in a leadership team and best practice for highly effective management of workplace change.

  • Striving to be a Forthright and Courageous Adviser in theC-Suite
  • Keeping it real: having courageous conversations in the C-suite
  • Balancing the benefits of achieving consensus with the dangers of ‘group think’
  • Communicating, inspiring and engaging the workforce in realtime
  • Fostering a culture of creativity and innovation

Recently there have been many success stories of Australian tech companies experiencing rapid growth as they get a foothold in the global market. But often the biggest risks to delivering rapid growth successfully comes down to people.

  • What are the critical elements of a People Strategy to enable rapid global growth
  • How do you retain the elements of a culture that created success whilst scaling a diverse global workforce
  • What leadership capabilities and skill sets support the agenda and how do you get your workforce future ready
  • The difference between what it looks like when there is
    accountability vs what it looks like without it The foundations required to build and maintain a culture of accountability
  • Replacing Job Descriptions and Performance Reviews with
    documents that will help create accountability and get actual
  • The 4 key areas of accountability - Clear Expectations, Clear
    Capability, Clear Measurement and Clear Feedback
  • Beginning leadership development in primary school for children
  • Teaching the core elements of authentic, holistic and vulnerable leadership
  • How to have a profound impact on the future leaders
  • Transforming the leadership culture in business and beyond
  • Core elements of the school LOFT (Leaders of the Future in Training) programme
  • Why business leaders should share their experiences and knowledge
    with children
  • A thought-leadership piece on how shifting our mindset and leadership practices can strengthen employee wellbeing to unleash extraordinary organizational performance and lead to
    sustainable growth. In this talk, you will hear about the Positive Leadership journey at Tiffany.
  • How to swiftly identify them when they arise in order to avoid added costs
  • Learn from the experiences of leading cross- industry peers
  • Strategies for overcoming resistance and gaining stake-holder buy-in
  • Leadership secrets: tips and tricks for mastering intuitive engagement


  • Louisa Rinaldi Chief People & Culture Officer, Guardian Early Learning Group
  • Chloe Hawcroft, Founder and CEO of QOIA The Real
    Culture Company, Former Director, Culture & Capability,
  • Aga Strzemeska, Head of People Operations,
    Marley Spoon Australia
  • David Hatton, Learning & Development Manager,
    Imperial Brands Australasia


  • Stephen Huppert, Independent Consultant and Advisor


Stephen Huppert, Independent Consultant and Advisor

During her 25-year career as an HR leader, Gillian has led cultural,
change management and leadership strategies and initiatives for
several large scale organisations. When the enterprise entered a
period of massive downscaling, Gillian supported 6200 team
members throughout the strategic review and sale process whilst
minimising loss of talent and maintaining engagement. Today
Gillian will share her wealth of valuable insights into:

  • How she dealt with the multiple complex challenges she was presented with during diverse organisational changes
  • Learn which strategies were the most effective when
    confronting challenges
  • Lessons learned: discover what key learnings Gillian takes away
    from this experience

Fast growing companies and start-ups find it challenging to
allocate proper time and resources for building their teams and
setting them up for a success. At Marley Spoon everything starts
with our values and how each and every team member embodies
them and applies them in their daily work

  • Rigorously building the best team (and how it starts with the
    on boarding especially at the manufacturing facility)
  • Driving flat structures and open communication plus the ability to disagree AND commit
  • Practical examples of how we listen, collect and encourage
    feedback at Marley Spoon (both manufacturing site and the
  • Examples of our carefully designed on boarding process

In recent years, more and more organisations are investing in
recognising and rewarding their workforce. Both development
and retention of talent is critical to the success of any business and the importance of providing a work environment that demonstrates this commitment is paramount

  • Developing Talent to strengthen both commercial and
    leadership conversations are strategically critical
  • The measure of sustainability through strong employee engagement is key
  • Having an agile workplace that fosters diversity & inclusion
  • Enhancing health and wellness that recognises and supports personal challenges
  • How can we best utilize L&D technology and artificial
    intelligence to assist our workforce and the develop essential skills required to lead our future enterprise?
  • What will be the best way forward in terms of overcoming
    chronic talent shortages?
  • What are the implications for Australia in terms of our global
    ranking as employers?


  • Claire Devlin , Head of Leadership and Capability, Telstra
  • Duncan Thomas , Chief People Officer, Fuji Xerox


  • Stephen Huppert , Independent Consultant and Advisor
  • What are the biggest roadblocks to recruitment of diverse talent to your sector?
  • What are the best recent examples of revenue and workforce
    growth resulting from having an effective diversity talent pipeline strategy in place?
  • What kind of innovative diversity initiatives currently exist and how are they being implemented?
  • How can we sustainably retain driven, diverse aged care
    workers amidst an ongoing crisis of inadequate funding and
    service levels?


  • Nicolette Barnard, Regional HR Speaker:
    ASEAN-Pacific/Head of HR Pacific, Siemens
  • Chloe Hawcroft, , Founder and CEO of QOIA The Real
    Culture Company, Former Director, Culture & Capability,AMP
  • Molly Rowe , Head Of People And Culture, Recordpoint


  • Ros Tregurtha, Group Director, Employee Experience, Domain
  • Talent recruitment, development and retention: what’s next on the horizon?
  • Which HR tech trends will transition from ‘expensive risk’ to ‘essential tool’?
  • Critical strategic leadership: best practice for effective
    long-term planning
  • How should we be preparing now to best manage what’s next?
  • Communicating upcoming change, risk and opportunity to the


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