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April 3, 2019 - April 5, 2019 Rex Hotel, Canberra

Shrinking budgets, new regulations, and the latest financial industry reviews and scandals, has heightened the need for the public sector to mitigate risk. Firming up conduct, cultures, and putting effective governance and risk management strategies in place will be crucial for the future of public sector service.

4th APRIL 2019 - Day2

Participants registration and refreshments.

DI SU, Associate Director, Deloitte

  • Risk management implementation
  • Business engagement to share the vision
  • Business collaboration for framework development
  • Business cooperation for capability building
  • Partnering to get the right buy in
  • Supporting to get the right information
  • Addressing common mistakes


  • MARCUS TURNER, Former Director, Special Project- Risk Management Financial Risk & Treasury, Department of Planning and Environment

This session will give practical applications of security threat and risk management, looking at both Australian and international examples – where the additional complexity and volatility comes in the global context.

  • Assessing the threats to your agency
  • Risk management 101 – the obstacles in your path
  • Protecting the Crown Jewels
  • Focussing on what matters
  • Due diligence, competing motives and doing business
  • Resiliency – getting back on track


  • Jessamy Perkins, Managing Director, National Strategic Solutions
  • Having the best framework – but how do you use it?
  • Sharing tools on integrating risk management into all parts of the business
  • Understanding your risk appetite and risk profile to build frameworks and mitigate potential outcomes
  • Engaging all stakeholders with your risk management profile from top down, to bottom up
  • What changes need to be made to these frameworks for the public sector to ensure change
  • Overcoming barriers to risk management framework implementation

Panel Chair:

  • DI SU, Associate Director, Deloitte

panel member:

  • Darren O’Connell, Manager Enterprise Risk Management, Department of Industry
  • MARCUS TURNER, Former Director, Special Project- Risk Management Financial Risk & Treasury, Department of Planning and Environment
  • Alex Lu, Risk & Compliance Manager, Airservices Australia
  • Adam Condipodero, Strategic Advisor, Australian Taxation Office
  • Danny Williams, Chief Risk Officer, Defence Housing Australia


This session will explore the impact of truth, or the lack of it, through the framework of the 5 Truth Circles and the Truth-Deception Spectrum. This discussion can kick start positive change within teams and organisations with a goal to:

  • Develop trusted relationships
  • Raise communication standards
  • Create a culture of candour
  • Reduce the risk of harmful deception
  • Encourage open and respectful communication


  • Elly Johnson, Founder and Managing Director, Ellyjohnson
  • Looking at how have ARC’s changed
  • Discussing why have ARC’s changed
  • What differences are ARC’s making to the governance landscape?
  • What are the challenges for ARC’s?
  • What’s next for ARC’s?


  • Stephen Horne, Non-Executive Director

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • What does good governance look like? Discussing
    lessons, challenges and best practices
  • Implementing a good governance culture and how
    discussing how misconduct should be treated
  • Discussing new policies, regulations and procedures,
    what it means and how we can adhere to new standards
  • Discussing strategies on evaluating governance
  • How you integrate ethical decision making, and aligning
    decision making across the business

Panel Chair:

  • DI SU,  Associate Director, Deloitte
  • Panellists:

  • PIERRE SKORICH, Director Cabinet Division, Department
    of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • STEPHEN HORNE, Non-Executive Director
  • Bruce Ferguson, Service Manager Risk & Audit at City of Parramatta
  • What – share learnings from implementing an enterprise-wide risk deep dive process, facilitated by the Risk function yet owned by the business
  • Why – how risk deep dives can add value to the organisation
  • How – share approaches to conducting risk deep dives, including dependencies and challenges
  • Who – shared roles and responsibilities in conducting risk deep dive, and managing enterprise risks cross business


  • JENNY SHIN, Director Risk Management / Chief Risk Officer,
    NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

The public sector constitutes the backbone of any government or society, and effective governance within the public sector can make a vast difference to how public sector entities perform and to the outcomes sought by a government. This makes it a compelling reason for public sector entities to periodically review and refine their approach to governance. This session will outline:

  • Addressing the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework, including ERM maturity
  • High Reliability Organisation (HRO), defining characteristics and challenges
  • Building a risk culture and addressing the role of employees in an organisations risk culture
  • Practical tools to proactively improve risk culture


  • Di Su, Associate Director, Deloitte
  • Close of Day Two

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