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27 Nov
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Developing Capability
in a ‘Doing More with Less’ Operating Environment.

The 2nd annual Digital Government Transformation Conference 2017 explores the next phases of digital government transformation, looking in-depth at how digital technologies and open standards are transforming the public sector and reducing ICT spend, improving service delivery and delivering best value for government customers.

The Digital Government Transformation Conference 2017 will provide vital information about industry trends and emerging technologies through the presentation from thought leaders, IT government leaders and industry experts. There will be opportunities to network with peers on strategy, technology and leadership and the new ways of implementing complex change, whilst reflecting on the power transformative government change.

Conference Highlights:

The 2nd Digital Government Transformation Conference 2017 is for the three tiers of government and features presentations on the following:

  • Digital storytelling
  • Blockchain and opportunities for Government
  • NSW Electoral Commission transforming voting system – iVote
  • Promoting UX transformation in government
  • Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme
  • Leading the path to better Cyber Security
  • Change leadership through transformation
  • Adaptive strategy design
  • Deepen engagement through technology
  • Defence Strategic Reform program shared services
  • Building adaptive architecture as a strategic platform for digital transformation
  • Transforming e-Government Service in Victoria
  • Engaging in community consultations and collaboration to put the user at the centre

Conference Topics:

  • Key priorities and trends influencing digital transformation in Australian government organisation
  • Digital transformation – what are the opportunities, threats and challenges
  • Future directions for government transaction
  • Citizen engagement
  • Digital transformation and digital service delivery
  • Streamlining government processes and service delivery through ICT
  • Government eServices
  • Government cloud
  • Improving service delivery through data analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • The importance of building and maintaining a culture of innovation
  • How organisations are responding to digital disruption in their organisations to drive efficiency and innovation

10 Benefits:

  1. Hear from leading case studies across the three tiers of the Australian Government
  2. See how to build capability of staff to embrace innovative solutions y-enabled transformation projects deliver business outcomes
  3. Future proofing service delivery and become nimbler and responsive to change
  4. Learn about digital transformation opportunities, threats and challenges
  5. Driving innovation and change through technology
  6. Managing your IT budget and delivering cost savings through IT
  7. Taking an integrated approach to managing technology, people and processes
  8. Gaining strategic value and improving service delivery through data analytics
  9. Streamlining government processes and service delivery through ICT
  10. Cybersecurity

8 Reasons to attend:

  1. Gain insights from government thought leaders
  2. Learn how to improve business processes and efficiencies
  3. Find out how emerging technology can improve productivity, efficiencies and service delivery
  4. Explore the key elements of Government digital strategy
  5. Overhaul existing government service delivery to end users
  6. Learn from government transformation journey what can you learn from their experiences
  7. See how to improve service and government delivery through innovative case studies
  8. See how services can increasingly become simpler, faster and easier to use


Dr. Emily VerstegeDr. EMILY VERSTEGE
Author & Public Sector Digital Strategy Exper

Executive Director, State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales

Minister for Human Services

Digital Strategist, EV

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This conference will bring together IT executives, directors and managers from the three tiers of government and the wider public sector – including CIOs and CTOs, CDO, Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Transformation Project Leaders, Department Secretary, ICT Strategy, E-Government, Shared Services- as well as private companies whose work relates to the IT operating environment.

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