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20 Aug
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Topics covered

Hear from industry experts on these key topics below:

  • Are Superannuation Funds Tax Efficient?
  • How the superannuation fund tax system works today
  • How Australian superannuation fund tax differs to tax rules for overseas pension funds
  • Opportunities for further tax reform in superannuation to improve member outcomes
  • The need for legislation to ensure appropriate Trustees focus on tax issues
  • Asset segregation, the opportunities for tax effective investment management and the costs and risks involved of segregating assets into distinct accumulation and pension pools
  • Passing tax benefits to members when transitioning to pension phase
  • How technology advances will result in lower tax for superannuation fund members
  • The ATO’s perspective on tax risk management and governance
  • Part IVA and how it should be interpreted to ensure compliance with tax law
  • Is your alpha big enough to cover your taxes?
  • How tax propagation works and why it can reduce the tax bill
  • Benchmarking fund managers for after tax performance
  • How and why the major components of a fund’s investment tax cost is often not measured
  • The less well understood impacts of tax on investment performance
  • Advanced tax aware investing opportunities
  • Tax effective investing for pension options
  • Tax effective investing using ETFs
  • How the custodian can assist with tax management


The first forum of its kind in Australia. Tax is the biggest single expense for a superannuation fund and Trustees have fiduciary and legislated obligations to ensure that tax issues are managed to ensure optimum outcomes for members.

This forum examines multiple strategies that are available to superannuation funds to minimise the tax bill for members whilst ensuring full compliance with tax law. Speakers include academics and practicing experts in the fields of tax advice and tax effective investment management.

The forum covers insights into the basics of superannuation fund taxation as well as opportunities to work within tax legislation to ensure a lower tax burden and enhanced fund performance for members.

This forum will be informative and in many cases invaluable for fund trustees, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs and members of their teams at all levels. It will also be of great interest to anyone seeking to gain a better understanding of the drivers and management of a superannuation fund’s biggest expense.


Managing Director
Research, Parametric

Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd, Former Head of Investment Operations, QSuper

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Who should attend:

  • Unit Pricing Manager
  • Fund Accounting Manager
  • Trust Accounting Manager
  • Unit Pricing Analyst
  • Taxation Accountant
  • Actuary
  • General Manager Fund Operations & Risk
  • Investment Risk Managers
  • Head of Investment Management
  • Head of Fund Administration
  • General Manager Legal & Compliance
  • Investment Services Manager
  • Manager Investment Operations Unit Pricing & Performance Manager
  • Unit Trust Supervisor & also who work with unit pricing in all capacities should attend this event


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