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21 May
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Topics covered

Hear from industry experts on these key topics below:

  • Where the focus on regulator reviews has been and where it is moving towards
  • Why the governance culture and unit pricing risk management framework must be driven from the top down
  • How to ensure your unit pricing analysts know exactly what is expected of them
  • True life examples of unit pricing errors
  • Examples of calculation of buy sell spreads within a common unit pricing structure
  • How the industry is moving towards real time unit pricing and transaction processing
  • Integration of unit pricing with the accounting book of records
  • Why the unit price will never reconcile to fund performance
  • Alternative methods for including valuations of unlisted assets in daily unit prices
  • Why tax provisions in unit prices and post-tax performance don’t add up
  • Why every organisation must have an error rectification plan
  • Independent reviews, why, why not and what to expect
  • The extent to which the compliance team should oversee the unit pricing function
  • Custodian checks and controls
  • The key differences between crediting rates and unit pricing
  • Unit pricing policies – when is enough enough? – Do we really need all these policies and governance?
  • Unit Pricing checks and controls – how many do we really need? What are the “must haves” and the “nice to haves”?
DAY 3 : Post Conference Workshop 23rd May 2018
Covers all the Risks relevant to your Unit Pricing Function- Financial, Operational, Strategic, Compliance, and Reputational Risks

About the event:

The annual IBR Conferences Unit Pricing Forum has been running for over a decade and has been consistently among the best received conferences of its kind in Australia. This year’s Forum continues to offer a diversity of topics and industry renowned speakers.

The conference provides expert views from the regulators, superannuation funds, custodians and specialised consulting firms. In addition to insights into the critical day to day functions of risk management, controls and compliance the audience will have the opportunity to gain an
understanding of where the unit pricing world is heading in terms of the regulators’ thinking, real time transacting and the SMA alternative.

This conference will be an invaluable learning experience for all members of the unit pricing team as well as for members of the Finance and Tax teams, Risk and Compliance and other areas of superannuation funds and investment management organisations.

Supporting Sponsor:

Financial Risk Solutions (FRS) was Founded in 1999 by actuaries and IT specialists. FRS is a leading provider of unit pricing, investment administration, asset reporting and compliance oversight software specifically designed for the Life Assurance and Asset Management industries. FRS offer a proven range of modular, intuitive technology solutions which allow customers to pro-actively monitor and administer investments as well as mitigate risk by continually monitoring breaches and exceptions to critical investment processes. These solutions include:

InvestPro™ securely automates multiple complex fund administration processes within a single application. InvestPro™ unit-pricing and investment administration software is scalable, modular and flexible.

InvestGRC™ empowers insurers and asset managers to meet Pillar III asset reporting standards in the Solvency II world via a single, analytics-driven database, combining data from internal and external sources.

InvestOPS™ automates the validation of operational activity performed by outsourcing partners, enabling firms to supervise outsourced functions, data and to manage the associated risks. For more information visit www.frsltd.com or follow FRS on LinkedIn.


Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd, Former Head of Investment Operations, QSuper

Director, McGing Advisory & Actuarial

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  • Unit Pricing Manager
  • Fund Accounting Manager
  • Trust Accounting Manager
  • Unit Pricing Analyst
  • Taxation Accountant
  • Actuary
  • General Manager Fund Operations & Risk
  • Investment Risk Managers
  • Head of Investment Management
  • Head of Fund Administration
  • General Manager Legal & Compliance
  • Investment Services Manager
  • Manager Investment Operations Unit Pricing & Performance Manager
  • Unit Trust Supervisor & also who work with unit pricing in all capacities should attend this event

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