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Achieving substantial results through developing the most effective digital marketing roadmap to fit their target market & also learn how to boost engagement and CX using personalisation and a blend of technology, process and people

20th November 2019 - Day1

Coffee and Registration

Lauren Ryder, CEO, Leading Edge Global

Where better to look for advantages than the world of Behavioural Economics, a relatively new
field of study that explores the irrational, but often predictable, ways that humans make decisions.
Since its inception in the late 1970’s, behavioural economics has set out to help us understand why
we consistently underestimate, overpay, and make decisions that even at the time, we know we’ll

In this lighthearted, informative presentation, Dan Monheit explores how playing to biases and
heuristics can pay major dividends for brands. Drawing on seminal research from Nobel Laureates,
he’ll illustrate how initiatives that fly in the face of conventional wisdom could be just what the
doctor (read: CFO) ordered.

As one half of Bad Decisions (one of the world’s most successful behavioural economics
podcasts), Dan takes everything he’s learnt from his significantly more talented co-host (acclaimed
psychologist Dr Melissa Weinberg), and channels it into helping marketers win more customers,
make better ads and sell more stuff.

Dan Monheit, Director of Strategy, Hardhat

  • Leveraging data to create personalised marketing campaigns and communications
  • Quality not quantity: Analysing how to best minimise marketing communication to improve CX
  • Improving the two-way dialogue and integrating customer feedback to make necessary and
    beneficial changes

Karen Ganshchow, Head of Data Sciences, First State Super

  • Driving conversion across the customer lifecycle and
    improving customer communications through Email
  • Leveraging and integrating analytics to better understand
    customer journeys and executing the most effective
    improvements for your customer base
  • Leveraging social media marketing as a customer advocacy
    tool and prompting acquisition
  • Improving your social listening capabilities and using the
    right content curation to boost engagement
  • Upping your entertainment: Competing as a finance from
    against influencers, viral videos, etc to attract and engage
    your audience

Panel Chair:
LAUREN RYDER, CEO, Leading Edge Global
Panel Members:
GRACE PALOS, CMO, Future Super
ANITA AYRES, Head of Innovation, First State Super
Centrepoint Alliance

Maricel Custodio, Head of digital marketing, Laureate International

  • Customers want real-time experiences on their terms on their
    time, receiving information when they want it across owned
    and rented digital assists.
  • Experience expectation is high and Chat Marketing enables you
    to provide one on one instant conversations with real-time
    storytelling at scale.
    But what does that all mean and why do I need to incorporate
    it into my digital marketing strategy? In this session, Aoife
    having Founded after five years working in Digital
    Transformation for Australia’s largest general insurer is a
    leading authority in Chatbots and Chat Marketing strategy.
    Aoife will share the current state ecosystem, insights and what
    you need to know now and what you need to do to prepare for
  • The current landscape on chatbots, and digital conversations
  • Facebooks interoperability strategy- what is it and why is it
    important for your digital marketing strategy
  • Mobile Wallet, How smartphones and beacon technology are
    changing the digital ecosystem and how we can communicate
    with our customers and employees in a new way.

AOIFE O’CONNELL, Founder & Chief Chatbot Builder, Yarnly AI


  • Improving your analytics capabilities to analyse defects and opportunities to improve
  • Using analytics to inform your strategy and further develop the most lucrative channels
  • Integrating marketing with the business analytics and insights team

Kimberley Roberts, Head of Member Experience and Engagement, RACQ

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Creating an ‘agile roadmap’ to easily adjust to market demands and changes
  • Designing and developing a sustainable, positive digital brand
  • Aligning your structure, technology and skills to fit your strategy
  • Gaining a competitive edge: identifying and focusing efforts on the most lucrative avenues for

Danielle Cerin, Head of Marketing, CBHS Corporate Health

  • Setting up the brand health metrics that matter
  • Tackling uncomfortable truths about your brand
  • The importance of creating a clear brand identity in order to
    build a better overall customer experience
  • How insights can drive action and improvement across the
    whole business

STEVE LOCKWOOD, Head of Insights and Marketing
Analytics, Finder

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • Encouraging new, innovative ideas and cultivating the environment to bring them to life
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your culture and understanding where improvements can be
  • Change management: ensuring changes and new improvements are rolled out and
    communicated effectively so all staff are onboard

Craig Hockley, Head of Marketing, Guild Insurance

  • Replacing A.I with ’I.A.’: focusing on the transhumanistic idea to
    use technology to boost human intelligence and performance
    and applying to your social media and content marketing
  • How to leverage social insights
  • Crowd solving problems: Ditching the need to be perfect t to
    gain advocacy and engagement by asking customers for
    solutions and improvement ideas
  • Marketing through people and not at them: creating content
    that adds value, not just sells your product
  • Executing invitation not interruption marketing
  • How to empower the right conversations to happen even if you
    aren’t present and ensure your brand stays clear and true

JORDAN KERR, Manager of Content and Conversation, Integrity Life

  • Developing a solid strategy to ensure your content marketing hits the mark
  • Leveraging insights to generate the right content that is relevant to your audience
  • The role of storytelling and creativity: creating engagement using customer stories to humanise
    your brand

Lauren Quaintance, Co-Founder/Head of Content, Storyation

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