Embracing a collaborative and holistic approach to providing sustainable financial outcomes
and optimal living standards for the Australian retiree sector

1 Day Workshop, 19th November 2019

Site Installation

    • Setup/Preparation for workshop
    • Register / seat guests – self introductions

Levels, types and themes

  • PowerPoint on the levels, types and core themes.
    Questions and clarifications


    • Aims of today’s training

GRC – Capability and Performance

  • GRC Done Wrong
  • GRC Done Right

Morning Health Break

Why is a convergence of governance, risk and compliance
essential to a sustainable organisation

    • Group Activity

    • Participants individually draw a symbol or other type
      of characterisation of capacity in their work context
    • Share and discuss drawings in pairs (groups), making
      a note of key words, characteristics and ideas
    • Pairs share their key points for whole group
      discussion and synthesis
    • Facilitator shares some definitions of capacity for
      group to compare their ideas

Capacity in their organisations:

  • Context
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance Evaluation

Capacity development
Small group work:

    • Identify the levels, types and themes that seem most relevant for GRC Principled Performance
    • Draft a definition of capacity for your area of work/department
    • Group feedback and discussion. Reflection questions to include:
    • From this discussion what is emerging as critically important within their organisational context?
    • In what ways does this fit with or change your previous thinking about how capacity is defined?
    • ‘What if…’ Start with a statement such as what if the “Organisation “had the capacity to do

everything it wanted to in its sector… The first person answers the question. Then go round the
group asking each person to build on the statement made by the previous speaker, without any

  • PowerPoint on different definitions of capacity development, why a shared understanding of
    principles and values is needed, and key current challenges – including results measurement.
  • Questions and clarifications.




  • Which of the ideas or definitions have resonance for this method of achieving Principled
    performance, and why? Which are not important, and why?
  • Identify the factors of culture and context that are particularly relevant to understanding,
    practicing and measuring capacity development in this Organisational context with Identified
    principled performance
  • What is emerging as the most important learning points for how capacity development is
    conceptualised and practiced
  • Presentations and group discussion


Afternoon Health Break

From learning to action

  • Referencing back to the first exercise and the ideas about capacity in your context, small
    groups discuss:
  • What has been your most important learning from the session
  • How this supports or challenges your own capacity development practice
  • How this supports or challenges your individual organisations currently approach
    performance and identify the first steps to capacity development
  • How you are going to take this learning into your work
  • Sharing and discussion in whole group

Wrap up and closing comments –
including reference to website and ‘How to…’ pages.

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