SEP 25, 2019 - SEP 26, 2019 Grace Hotel Sydney

Stay ahead of the game – attend this two-day exploration of social strategic innovation to
future proof your company against the ever-changing social marketing landscape.


  • Operating under multiple risks borne out of an increasingly digital and data led world, heightened regulatory scrutiny, member/client expectations, competition and market complexity and uncertainty
  • Getting the board’s buy-in to prioritise ORM
  • Building a culture of risk awareness, trust and best practice
  • Impact of findings from the Royal Banking and Productivity Commissions on risk management’s programs to counter fraud, unethical behaviour, and underperformance
  • Working more effectively with regulators to meet obligations
  • Using technology and innovation to improve risk management processes


  • Cloe Reece, Head of Risk & Compliance – Super, Investments, Platforms & Operations, BT Financial Group
  • Nicola Rimmer-Hollyman, MD, Grenic Consulting, Former, GM Audit, Wealth, ANZ Bank
  • Bryan Whitefield, Director, Bryan Whitefield Consulting

Andrew Sheen, Former Head of Operational Risk Non-Executive Director, Institute of Operational Risk, UK

  • Update on existing and new regulations for investment operations
  • How regulations can be used effectively to reduce incidences of fraud, improved efficiencies and manager performance
  • Challenges of meeting stringent compliance obligations
  • What can be done to reduce the cost, time and resources needed to meet regulations satisfactorily

Kyle Ringrose, Principal, Athena IOC
Natasha Hall, MD, Hall Advisory
Andrew Sheen, Former Head of Operational Risk Non-Executive Director, Institute of Operational Risk, UK

  • Shining the spotlight on misconduct, fraud, inefficiency and underperformance
  • Increasing risk management programs in areas that need attention
  • Building a culture of trust, exemplary conduct, and best practice
  • Making ORM practices more member/client centric

Stephanie Lyons, Chief Risk Officer, EISS Super

Martin Walsh, Financial Services Consultant
Karl Turner,COO, Exec Director, Policy and Risk
Management, Australian Finance Industry Association

People and Culture

This session will investigate:

  • Psychology of risk, enhanced decision making and risk culture
  • How we think about risk, how we make decisions and the impact on regulatory compliance, innovation and performance
  • Key aspects of the psychology of risk and risk leadership
  • Approaches that improve risk culture and enhanced decisionmaking across and organisation

Dr GavrielSchneider, Group CEO, Risk2 Solution

  • Critical Operational Risk Management
  • How well do your staff appreciate the critical operational risks they face?
  • How to ensure the risks are fully communicated and understood
  • Mitigators for critical operational risks
  • Gathering insights into people’s perceptions of operational risk management

Theo Vosnidis,Head of Investment Risk and Compliance, Cbus Super

  • Understanding vendor and third party risk
  • Developing risk profiles for service providers
  • Monitoring and managing the relationship in an operational risk framework
  • Formulating an effective end-to-end risk assessment framework

Insourcing Risk Management

  • How do you manage risk when resources are constrained
  • The functions that can and cannot be insourced in the short to medium term
  • Impact on custodian relationship
  • Are we increasing operational risk by removing one layer of control
  • Promoting risk awareness and risk management amongst staff

Naresh Subramaniam, Director, PwC


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