Post Retirement Australia 2018 conference
October 16, 2018 - October 17, 2018 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

IBR Conference’s 5th annual Post Retirement conference will provide delegates with invaluable updates and insights from leading industry, government and academic experts into the various regulatory, economic, social and technological changes taking place, impacting the financial outcomes and wellbeing of Australia’s expanding
retiree sector today and into the future.

16th October 2018 - Day 1

Registration and networking.

Opening remarks from the chair


  • Stephen Huppert,Consultant, Huppert Consulting
  • Establishing a holistic rather than fragmentary approach to Super to benefit all segments of society in preparation for retirement
  • Impact of Royal Commission on Banking and Super industry governance, compliance practices and “working in the best interests of members/customers/clients”
  • Operating under shifting govt policies and strict regulatory demands – data privacy, My Retirement product roll out, insurance in Super, aged pension means testing, advice delivery, tax imputation and refunds, concessions and caps
  • Using technologies and data analytics to engage member/clients and tailor products to accurately meet needs and wants and risk profiles
  • Improving financial literacy across all member segments
  • Impact of ongoing global economic volatility and political instability on financial security in retirement.
  • Trade wars and protectionism, housing affordability crisis, rise of the gig economy


  • Stephen Huppert, Consultant
  • Dr Deborah Ralston, Chair, SMSF Association
  • Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist (Australia, New Zealand & Global Commodities) and Managing Director Global Research, HSBC Bank Australia

Close to half of Australian retirees are likely to be subject to the Age Pension asset test at some point. The effects of the test are complicated and unfair.  Many of us should change our spending in order to increase/reduce the cost of the tests, or could end up being better off if we gave some of the money away. The family home is not included so pensioners living in million dollar homes and $450,000 in financial assets can receive the full Age Pension. The assistance they are receiving should go to increase Rent Assistance, which at $3000 per annum is grossly inadequate for those not in social housing. In this session, Anthony will provide a highly insightful perspective, drawn from research into the current structure of Australia’s Age Pension means testing with recommendations for improvement.

Registration and networking

  • Traditional measures of risk
  • Superannuation Fund PDSs definition of risk
  • Shortcomings of commonly used risk measures
  • What is the real risk for a superannuation fund member
  • A case study with worked examples
  • How to develop a practical measure of the real risk to a superannuation


  • Kyle Ringrose,  Principal,  Athena IOC
  • Treasury discussion paper review
  • Overcoming challenges associated with cost, complexity and time consumption
  • Longevity, inflation and sequencing risk hurdles to jump in product development
  • How a one-stop-shop is not a solution when dealing with mass member needs
  • What is the solution? Alternatives?


  • Paul Watson, Group Executive, Retirement Solutions and Advice,Hostplus
  • Ben Hillier,Head of Product and Services, Q Super
  • Michael Berg, Senior Consultant, Rice Warner


  • Richard Boyfield,  Partner, Mercer

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.


  • Ruth Stringer, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons
  • Aligning anticipated spending in retirement with income strategies and savings and investment goals
  • How effective are calculators in engaging members in determining how much can be spent annually and providing a “reality check.”
  • Behavioural and big data analytics to develop tailored long term strategies and products to counter longevity, sequencing and inflation risks

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • What do retirees want in retirement?
  • Aligning a retirement income offer with different retirement income goals
  • How can funds deliver income to members that better matches the needs and goals of Australian retirees?


  • Aaron Minney, Head of Retirement Income Research, Challenger
  • Overcoming widespread frugal spending behaviour patterns with goals based s
  • Dealing with the 80-100 year age bracket


  •  Peter Rowe, General Manager, Optimum Pension

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