Post Retirement Australia 2018 conference
October 16, 2018 - October 17, 2018 Grace Hotel Sydney, 77 York street, Sydney, NSW Australia

IBR Conference’s 5th annual Post Retirement conference will provide delegates with invaluable updates and insights from leading industry, government and academic experts into the various regulatory, economic, social and technological changes taking place, impacting the financial outcomes and wellbeing of Australia’s expanding
retiree sector today and into the future.

17th October 2018 - Day 2

Registration and networking.

Opening remarks from the chair


  • Stephen Huppert, Director, Huppert Consulting
  • Developments in robo advice and AI and platforms
  • Mobile innovations , smart apps and online tools
  • Collaboration with fintech start-ups
  • Importance of building Agile systems to support tech upgrades and fast changing market conditions
  • APIs and emergence of open banking
  • “Open data” and role in better member/client engagement, sense of control, trust and improved retirement product innovation
  • Meeting the ongoing challenges of data privacy constraints and cybersecurity risks


  • Stephen Huppert, Consultant
  • Modern technology firms are reinventing the rules of innovation.  They employ commonly available tools in fresh ways to solve real consumer problems, quickly.  Many of the techniques they use can be applied in the financial services industry to better equip members/clients to navigate through, and thrive throughout, their retirement.  Hugh will examine problem areas, techniques used and how solutions can be found on a collective basis.

Registration and networking

  • Contrary to popular belief, tax efficient investing actually leads to
    larger super fund balances than creating a portfolio with a pre-tax focus, with Parametric finding that members miss out if their fund fails to adopt an integrated tax efficient approach to equity investing.Parametric’s hypothetical modelling of tax efficient versus tax naïve equity portfolios found that, if the former is continually practiced, tax efficient investors would retire with lump sum balances 4.69 per cent higher after 30 years of contributions.The extra savings from tax efficiency as compared to non-efficientinvestments would peak


  • Raewyn Williams, Managing Director – Research, Australia,Parametric
  • The retirement covenant and mandated requirement to provide a CIPR challenges super fund trustees to develop a retirement outcome objective and make this a quantifiable measurement.
  • Utility functions are a strong framework for this work.
  • In this session we demonstrate how to build your own quantifiable retirement outcome objective. We use MDUF v1 as a case study.
  • Provide some examples of how metrics of this kind can be used to assess internal business cases.


  • Estelle Liu, Quantitative Analyst, Retirement Solutions,Mine Wealth & Wellbeing

Lunch and Networking opportunity for participants.

Retirement is a major life transition with the interplay of many factors determining financial prosperity and personal wellbeing and fulfilment in this phase of life. This session will look at superannuation, Centrelink and lifestyle as key factors to achieving success.

  • How superannuation funds help their members prepare for retirement?
  • The importance of the aged pension in retirement planning and helping Australians with the challenges of dealing with Centrelink
  • Financial considerations are only part of the challenges for Australians preparing for retirement; how can we help visualise a successful future and improve the transition process.


  • Norman Cockerell, Principal, Activetics
  • Paul Rogan, Founder and CEO, Retirement Essentials
  • John Farrington, Executive Officer, Corporate Development and Growth, Equip Super


  • Stephen Huppert, Consultant
  • Impact of transfer balance caps and relevance of SMSFs in retirement
  • Potential strategies for tax management
  • Labor’s franking credit proposals
  • Technology, innovations and heightened regulations in Advice and product platform delivery to benefit clients


  • Peter Hogan, Head of Education and Technical, SMSF Association

Refreshments and Networking opportunity for participants.

  • What is the current structure of subsidised aged care? home care v residential aged care
  • What are the key decision points for clients entering residential aged care?
  • What are the strategies to improve cash flow and estate planning outcomes for clients?


  • Sean Howard, Technical Services Manager, Challenger
  • Grattan Institute proposals
  • Housing affordability and impact on future generations
  • Super savings being used to pay down mortgage debt
  • Dipping into Super to pay for housing deposit
  • Reverse mortgage on house to fund retirement


  • Simon Cowan, Research Manager, Centre for Independent Studies

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