Aimee Whitcroft

Keen interest in, knowledge of and advocate for openX – open data, open government, civic technology, open source etc – data for good, ethics, service design, placemaking, technology, social good and sustainability, branding, strategy, entrepreneurship, foresight, futurism/futurecasting and innovation.

One of New Zealand’s top plain English experts.

Has worked for a number of NZ’s most prominent scientific, internet/tech-related and government organisations/teams. Founder and principle of web agency Syntropics, and co-founder of design consultancy GovWorks NZ. Board member for the International Open Data Charter and InternetNZ Councillor.

Strong relationships with NZ’s tech, govt, data, innovation and scientific communities, as well as being directly involved organising outreach and education initiatives such as GovHack and Startup Weekend.

Additionally, has been involved with futurecasting work for Future Agenda, the Ministry of Transport’s Future Demand and Transport Futures, and WEC/BEC2050.

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November 12, 2021
Developing a Government Data Sharing Strategy & also Finding the Balance between Privacy, Risk & Public benefit in Data Sharing