Darryl Carpenter

I have enjoyed a diverse and exciting career that has taken me all round New Zealand and to some pretty special parts of the world.

My career is an interesting mix of very enjoyable experiences that started in the forestry then moved onto youth work, adventure based counselling, outdoor instructing and guiding, overseas travel and outdoor instructing work then returning to NZ for university study (and being a full time dad). I then swapped my outdoor instructing and adventuring clothing for a suit and tie becoming a strategic business advisor/consultant, then a business owner and eventually the CEO of the NZ Mountain Safety Council.

I am then began working in Government as Manager Integrated Services (life events) and leading the delivery of the Service Innovation Work Programme (previously Better Public Services Result 10). As part of this, I successfully established the all-of-government Service Innovation Lab and led the development of the Digital Inclusion work programme that is now a Ministerial priority.

My area of expertise is improving citizen interaction with government and experimenting with (and successfully leading and delivering) cross-agency, integrated services and enabling a more ‘joined-up’ citizen-centric government.

I was also, until recently, a Trustee and Chairperson of two community trusts.

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