Elizabeth Churchill

Research scientist & UX leader with a background in Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction, and Cognitive Ergonomics.

Established track record in building successful research teams focused on technology and service design and development.

Currently working on UX for designer and developer tools. Based in the viewpoint that we need better tools if we are to develop truly excellent user experiences, over the past 2 years I have built and directed interdisciplinary research initiatives to improve the utility and usability of various Google tools and frameworks, including Flutter (flutter.io) and Google’s Material Design (material.io).

Previous work includes creating research initiatives and forming teams to address consumer needs for ecommerce and social media platforms and designing, developing and evaluating enterprise products to foster effective team collaboration. Such work includes: mobile applications for enterprise and for consumer use; desktop enterprise workflow innovations; internet-based, social media sharing applications; interactive public space applications; virtual and augmented reality experiences; design guidelines for game-like, interactive applications; and innovations in ideation and evaluation methodologies.

Accomplishments: Successfully built high impact groups in several corporations (e.g., Fuji Xerox, Xerox, Yahoo, eBay, Google); 150+ publications; 50+ patents (some examples below but LinkedIn’s interface does not make it easy to list them all).

Recognition and Awards: Citris Benatao Athena Award for Executive Leadership; Distinguished Scientist and Distinguished Speaker recognized by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM); Member of the ACM Computer Human Interaction (CHI) Academy.

Regular keynote speaker on topics related to design, UX research, human computer interaction and related topics at the intersection of computation, interactive technology, people, and society.

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