Marina Chiovetti

I’m a Digital Leader focused on people development in the Product & Strategy space, with over 15 years experience in digital development and organisational change in various companies around the world including Canada, USA (SF), China, Africa, and Australia.

My success is from creating strong relationships with stakeholders & delivering to co-created outcomes. Leveraging my Agile, Lean, & Experience Design knowledge, I have increased performance and innovation in teams, and created cultures that attract and retain the best talent.

I’m also passionate about People Development – using Positive Psychology coaching, Neuro Semantics, and Leadership Agility techniques, I help leaders shift from operating in “Expert Mode” to being comfortable leading in “Catalyst Mode.” I believe in creating the environment (culture) for individuals to thrive in, and supporting them to take risks and stretch beyond where they are today. Wouldn’t it be great to have these high-performing teams working with you?

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