SUPERANNUATION FUND RISKS 2020How superannuation funds might prepare for the unknowns for the future
About The Online Conference
This mini-conference explores old and new methods for the attribution of performance and risk, combining traditional methods with some innovative thinking and worked examples. The presenters explore how investment managers might game the performance analysts’ methods to enhance their returns. The presenters will also provide an interactive and robust debate on the controversial question of the relative merits of active versus passive management. Statistics provided by Standard &Poors will be examined in depth during this debate.
Topics Covered:
  • Investment performance attribution without a traditional benchmark
  • Attribution of investment risk
  • The pros and cons of traditional investment risk measures
  • Evaluating the performance of a superannuation fund’s equity managers
  • How the use of derivatives can complicate the accurate measurement of investment returns
  • How overseas performance analysts detect and mitigate the risks of “gaming” of outcomes
  • The extent to which Australian investors may be exposed through reluctance to embrace Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)
  • Summary of the most recent SPIVA findings
  • The difference between measuring risk over long and short time horizons
Who Should Attend:

Heads of performance, Performance & Attribution and Data Managers & Analysts, Performance Reporting, Investment Performance Risk, Investment Managers, Manager, Investment Performance Analytics, Heads of Investment Risk, Head of Investment Operations, Portfolio managers and senior investment people, Chief Operating Officers, Heads of Technology

If you cannot make it to the live Online Conference, we can send you the recorded session after the event.

Superannuation Fund Risks Speakers
Learn speakers of the Superannuation Fund Risks 2020.
Chief Operating Officer IFM Investors
Head of Investment Risk and Compliance, Cbus Super Fund
Director - Investment & Wealth Advisory at Deloitte, Former Head of Investment Risk, APRA
Managing Director McGing Advisory & Actuarial
Trustee Board Independent Director at IOOF Holdings Ltd
Director, Stephen Huppert Consulting
Executive Director, Business Transformation IFM Investors
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Superannuation Fund Risks 2020 Schedule
Learn schedule, program and topics of the Superannuation Fund Risks 2020.
  • New risks that have emerged
  • How effective risk mitigation strategies have been
  • Should unit pricing policies be designed to cover Black Swan events – the trade off between cost and comprehensive risk mitigation
  • Examples of policies that may have proved deficient
  • The perils of daily unit pricing
  • How unit pricing policy and practice may change going forward
  • What we mean by “concentration risk”. Is concentration risk focused only on investment assets or should it include member liabilities
  • The conflict between long term investment strategies and short-term liquidity issues
  • The roles of the CIO, the CRO and the Board in managing
    liquidity and concentration risk
  • The role of the RBA in supporting liquidity risk
  • The issues with using the large default option as a
    “banker” for managing liquidity risk
  • Where might the next “left field” risk come from
  • How superannuation funds might prepare for the unknowns
  • Insights into unexpected risks emerging over recent times
  • Are larger funds better able to manage unexpected risks than smaller and perhaps more nimble smaller funds
  • Why superannuation funds can be soft targets for fraud
  • How changes to superannuation legislation can increase the risk of fraud
  • Common examples of fraud experienced during the ERS
  • Practical ways to mitigate fraud risk
  • Cyber fraud opportunities when working from home
  • Are superannuation fund risks overstated or are they not taken seriously enough?
  • Reflections on the risk governance framework emerging from the ASIC investigation of Westpac. How superannuation funds can learn from the Westpac risk governance framework
  • Would more superannuation fund mergers lead to reduced long-term risk or would it increase short term risks?
  • Is the risk of unit pricing errors in a Black Swan event
    being given sufficient attention?
  • Will/should the industry ever consider moving away from daily unit pricing?
  • Less obvious risks emerging with investments in unlisted assets
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