Jun 12, 2019 - Jun 14, 2019 Grace Hotel Sydney

The annual IBR Conferences Unit Pricing Forum has been running for over a decade and has been consistently among the best received conferences of its kind in Australia. This year’s Forum continues to offer a diversity of topics and industry renowned speakers.

12th June, 2019- Wednesday- Day 1

Participants registration and refreshments.


KYLE RINGROSE, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd


Phil Davies, CTO and Head of Product, Milestone Group

      • Why best practice may not mean the same thing to all
      • Examples of good and not so good practice in the eyes of
        the regulator
      • With the benefit of hindsight what could be done
      • Reflections on outcomes from the Royal Commission

PETER KIRIEVSKY, Director, Assurance and Advisory
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

      • Once a critical operational element strongly advocated by
        APRA and regularly scrutinised operational function is now
        an often neglected process supported by outdated spreadsheets
      • Reduced pricing error cases in the public domain is
        increasing operational complacency on outsourced
        administrator oversight
      • Have unit pricing operations really vastly improved or
        simply less frequently scrutinised to reveal operational loop

MARTIN WALSH, Professional Independent Director
and Consultant

      • Why the unit price is not what it seems
      • The fallacy in assuming the unit price shows actual net of
        tax returns
      • Why units can be worth more than their unit price
      • How super funds can enhance the post tax velue of unit
      • Examples of super funds that do and do not recognise the
        true value of the unit price
      • How members would benefit from a better understanding
        of the true value of unit prices

KYLE RINGROSE, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd


      • Unit Pricing is often only seen as a back-office operational
        item that has little relevance, since it’s outsourced anyways
      • However, a unit price is actually the result of all fund and
        investment operational results, from asset allocation, to
        transaction processing, to income & expense capture, to
        valuation and unit value allocation.
      • For fund and investment operational teams, a unit price is
        the central gauge that displays all operational results in a
        single figure.
      • To members, it’s the single reference point for them to
        work out how much their investment is worth and how it
        has performed against peer funds over time. It’s both
        operationally important and directly linked to member

JAY NADA, Senior Manager, Fund Services
at NSW Treasury Corporation

      • How can it be used to benefit members
      • Is its value fully appreciated
      • The relationship between the deferred tax liability in the
        unit price and tax aware investment management

Panel Chair
KYLE RINGROSE, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd
Panel Members TBA

      • An analysis of the range of investment options available to
      • Examples of the range of multiple options
      • What are the onjectives of multiple options
      • Should funds offer an indexed low cost alternative for
        each option
        What is the minimum number of options that should be
        available and what are they

 IAN FRYER, Head of Research at Chant West

      • Are super funds increasing cost and complexity by
        proliferating the number of prices
      • Are multiple options in the best interests of unit holders/-
        super fund members?
      • Problems with low value options

 Panel Chair
KYLE RINGROSE,Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd
 Panel Members
PAUL KHOURY, Chief Executive Officer,Link Fund Solutions
IAN FRYER, Head of Research at Chant West

      • FRS’s experience across 60+ unit pricing projects
      • Identifying common mistakes made
      • Hidden complexities and treating customers fairly
      • Why spreadsheets and legacy systems are a poor
        substitute for a modern solution
      • Integrated unit pricing, accounting and investment admin
        systems vs best of breed – pros and cons

      MATTHEW BALDWIN, Global Head of Sales &
      Managing Director Asia, Financial Risk Solutions (FRS)

  • Leveraging Technology to streamline the Unit Pricing
  • How leading edge technology can manage the data flows
    throughout the process
  • The application of block-chain concepts and technology in
    unit pricing

Panel Members
MATTHEW BALDWIN, Global Head of Sales & Managing Director Asia, Financial Risk Solutions (FRS)
STEPHEN HUPPERT,Director, Huppert Consulting

1 Hour Networking Drinks – 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm

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