Jun 12, 2019 - Jun 14, 2019 Grace Hotel Sydney

The annual IBR Conferences Unit Pricing Forum has been running for over a decade and has been consistently among the best received conferences of its kind in Australia. This year’s Forum continues to offer a diversity of topics and industry renowned speakers.

13th June, 2019- Thursday- Day 2

Participants registration and refreshments.

KYLE RINGROSE, Principal Athena IOC Pty Ltd

  • The things that make a “stand out” unit pricing framework
  • Common control deficiencies encountered
  • Opportunities for improving the control framework at low
  • The relevance of corporate culture to the unit pricing
    control framework

 STEPHEN HUPPERT, Director, Huppert Consulting

Panel Discussion

  • Why organisations have evolved towards daily pricing
  • The pros and cons of daily pricing
  • Is weekly or monthly a better alternative?
  • How to address the problems with infrequently valued
    assets in daily pricing

 Panel Members TBA


  • Is the “true up” always necessary?
  • Different solutions to allocate the balancing amounts
    across options
  • Why the “true up” is always out of date
  • Why the “true up” can sometimes cause more problems
    than it solves
  • How to treat a deferred tax asset in unit pricing
  • Setting caps on deferred tax assets
  • Should the deferred tax asset cap be at a fund or an
    option level
  • What are the member equity considerations in the
    treatment of deferred tax


  • What are the minimum number and nature of controls
    performed by the custodian?
  • What responsibilities cannot be delegated to the
  • Can asset owners do more to validate unit prices?
  • Examples of how the partnership between custodian and
    asset owner adds value to members
    Panel Members TBA
  • The pros and cons of insourcing versus outsourcing
  • Are controls inpproved with the outsourced model?
  • Examples of how either scenario has provided better
  • To what extent could either scenario be considered “best
  • Panel Members TBA


  • Examples of good and bad policies
  • Examples of the potential range of policies
  • Why a “one size fits all” approach is not appropriate
  • The relationship between unit pricing policies and the
    organisation’s risk appetite

JAMES OLIVER,Partner, Financial Services Advisory,
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

    • How the Guide to Good practice defines an error
    • Using unit pricing policies to help define errors
    • Is a poor policy a unit pricing error?
    • The distinction between an error and an estimate
    • When can inaccurate estimates result in errors?

Naresh Subramaniam,Director, PWC

Mark Neary, Director of Product – Multi-Asset Solutions

Round Table Discussion

  • An interactive session starting by summarising conference
    highlights and providing delegates an opportunity to share
    their views on future developments and challenges in Unit
    Pricing in a few years time. This will be a very interactive
    session. Delegates are encouraged to discuss specific
    questions which are not covered by speakers, so attendees
    will be brought together to discuss news, views and recent
    trends – after the brainstorming groups, attendees will
    feedback the thoughts of their group to the rest of the
    conference participants

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