About Us

IBR Conferences Pty Ltd is a leading edge Australian company that provides corporate executives with tailored practical conferences keeping them up-to-date with latest business trends within different industry sectors. We aim to equip leaders and managers in different industries with the practical knowledge and insight needed to enhance performance.

IBR conferences specialises in the fields of Superannuation, Investments, Data, Mining, Water, Energy, HR, Finance, Marketing, Environment, Government Sectors and Sustainability.

We invite industry experts from various sectors to share their experience, expertise and solutions to business challenges at our events, providing delegates with cutting edge information, which is very useful for their business growth. IBR delivers informative conferences and we do this through in-depth research and analysis of all the available information.

Exhibitions and sponsorship opportunities at IBR conferences also provide a way to find out the latest in your business community and also an opportunity to network with industry decision makers.

Event Gallery
IBRC is the prefferd event organizers in Australia.