Justin Greenstein

I am a chartered accountant with extensive commercial and risk management experience in the financial services sector. At present I lead the Risk and Operations function of ANZi which is the Digital Innovation arm of the ANZ Banking Group. ANZi’s core focus areas include making strategic venture investments in Digital companies, entering into strategic partnerships that support the Bank’s Digital transformation and incubating new Digital businesses.

Prior to this role, I designed a Risk Culture measurement and management program for the ANZ Banking Group. This program integrates traditional risk management assurance with deep behavioural risk analysis. This human-centred approach to assurance involves deep engagement with the workforce who engage with customers and manage the risk and reputation of the organisation on a day-to-day basis, rather than providing ‘head office-centric’ assurance. I have been invited to present our program at local and international Risk conferences.

In addition to my broad risk management experience, I have also spent a number of years providing financial and commercial advice on large infrastructure transactions (specifically public private partnerships). This commercial experience has provided me with the ability to add a commercial lens to risk management principles which I now apply in my day-to-day work with senior business executives.

In addition to these skills, I have managed multi-disciplinary teams and am passionate about mentoring and coaching people – I think this is key for setting up teams for long-term, sustainable success.

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