Senior Manager, Investment Accounting and Operations, Funds SA
Samantha Clarke
Co-Founder and CEO, Advice RegTech
Harry Toukalas
Co-CEO, Galaxy Sciences
Brian Parker
Chief Economist at Sunsuper
Suneeta Sidhu
Senior Executive Leader, Governance, Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
Anne-Marie Paterson
Group Integrity Officer, AMP Ltd
I am the Head of the Whistleblowing Program for the AMP Group. Former Executive Manager in CBA’s Group Legal team specialising in employee relations and Whistleblowing matters, including assuming the role of Whistleblower Investigation Officer.
Sema Musson
General Manager, Governance, Culture, Customer Advocacy and Social Impact, Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd
Michael Blacker
Head of Risk Services at Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
Akhilesh Mehta
Chief Risk Officer, G&C Mutual Bank Limited
Amanda Jenkins
Head of Culture and Organisational Development, TAL Australia
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