Optimising the use of data & technology to enhance investment decision making
…the set of responsibilities and practices, policies and procedures, exercised by an agency’s executive, to provide strategic direction, ensure objectives are achieved, manage risks and use resources responsibly and with accountability.
Staying At The Forefront Of Digital Change And Deliver Better , Faster Outcomes To Strengthen Public Service Delivery.
Examining global market outlook & developments - what do they mean for Australia? , The implications of YFYS on asset allocation , Asset allocation decisions – is the superannuation industry making a mountain out of a molehill?
Best practice insights on improving investment operations and efficiency across the whole back office ecosystem to drive resilience, flexibility and profitability in a complex and fast changing environment.
This two day conference explores many of the technical and operational aspect of unit pricing. The Guide to Good Practice is examined to see how relevant this document remains in 2022, some 14 years after its last release.
Comprehensive event focusing on Collaboration, Education, Innovation and Tech across all waste streams Attend to hear latest insights and NSW specific Initiatives in these areas ..
This conference brings together senior financial risk executives, who will collaborate and share their experiences and outcomes on how they manage conduct and culture within their organisation, and how the regulatory changes are shaping the financial landscape.
Our 10th annual Post Retirement Australia 2022 Conference in Sydney, 26th- 27th October 2022, explores how innovative product development and insightful industry research might impact retirement outcomes for members of superannuation funds.
This conference includes insightful presentations from industry experts. We examine how risk measures must be tailored to the both the investors’ objectives and time horizons and why traditional measures of risk may provide misleading information in many cases.
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