Philip Muehleck

As an experienced Management Consultant with broad expertise at global top-tier consultancies like Deloitte and T-Systems in Australia and Europe, Philip has accumulated leading-edge experience in mid to large-scale organisational transformation projects & programme delivery, change management, corporate strategy, and innovation. Having seen both sides of the value chain Consulting and the Client side, Philip has successfully implemented full-scale CRM, Analytics and Business Intelligence Initiatives & Software Solutions for Marketing, Sales and Service departments with the objective to grow, improve the Bottom-Line and lift Customer-Experience.

Philip holds an MBA in Technology & Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship and maintains an active interest in business model innovation and mentoring start-ups. A Bachelor of Computer Science and Business Sytems degree (Monash) and multiple certifications in Project Management, Change Management, and Agile Managment Principles allow Philip to seamlessly navigate between Business stakeholders and IT and deliver substantials results for his clients

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November 12, 2021
Developing a Government Data Sharing Strategy & also Finding the Balance between Privacy, Risk & Public benefit in Data Sharing