Prof Anthony Asher

Anthony is an actuary who believes that the actuarial profession fulfils its social role by creating financial security for people. He has attempted in his career to contribute to this at different times by:

Developing products that more closely meet people’s needs for it, which he has been able to do in life insurance companies, as a trustee of a retirement fund and as an consulting actuary
Focusing the role of the actuarial profession on it, by university teaching and research
Contributing to government policy that affects it by research and through participation in actuarial profession and government committees
His current research is focused on the development of appropriate retirement income products, including product design, investment, regulation and personal financial advice. He also writes on the application of virtue ethics in the financial sector. He is currently Convenor of the Actuaries Institute Retirement Income Working Group.

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November 22, 2021
Due to the changing regulatory landscape and higher scrutiny from APRA, ASIC, Royal Commission and now the impact of COVID 19, now is more important than ever for organisations to firm up their compliance culture and conduct risk frameworks.