Chris Van Homrigh

Over 30 years in global investment banking, finance and regulation accomplished at MD / senior executive level with proven senior leadership capability and a track record in establishing, developing and leading high performance business units. Able to adapt innovative strategies to enhance regulatory oversight and industry engagement. Deep expertise across banking, regulation, governance and risk. Global experience in key geographies, including Australian, Asian and North American markets. A rare blend of being both a senior investment banker and a senior regulator.

Chris was formerly ASIC’s Regional Commissioner for New South Wales and head of its Investment Banks team covering investment banks, hedge and private equity funds, retail derivatives, retail structured products, and credit ratings agencies.  Chris was a member of ASIC’s Audit Committee, and chaired or was a member of a number of ASIC’s Project Boards and Steering Committees.

Having worked in in the UK, Japan, Canada and Australia and for Australian, French, and US institutions gives Chris an understanding of the cultural nuisances that may impact conduct.


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Conduct is a lens into the culture of organisations and improving conduct within the industry is an essential part of rebuilding trust and supporting future sustainable growth