Amanda Murphy
Head of Change and Commercialisation, ANZ
Managing Partner, Cove Partners Pty Ltd
Craig Roodt
Investment Governance Advisor
James Wood
Managing Director, Apac Reputational Risk Approver, Credit Suisse
Sangeeta Venkatesan
Chairman,Fairvine Super
Cris Parker
Director The Ethics Alliance & The Banking and Finance Oath - The Ethics Centre
Karl Turner
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director Policy & Risk Management, Australian Finance Industry Association
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director Policy & Risk Management at the Australian Finance Industry Association
Chris Howlett
General Manager and COO, ACI Australia
Elizabeth Sheedy
Department of Applied Finance, Macquarie Business School
Professor Elizabeth Sheedy is a risk management expert based in the Department of Applied Finance.
Chris Van Homrigh
Independent Consultant
Chris Van Homrigh is a banking and financial services consultant specialising in conduct, governance, risk, compliance and regulatory matters.