Amanda Murphy
Head of Change and Commercialisation, ANZ
Managing Partner, Cove Partners Pty Ltd. Former CEO, Link Fund Solutions
Craig Roodt
Director – Investment & Wealth Advisory Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
James Wood
Managing Director, Apac Reputational Risk Approver, Credit Suisse
Sangeeta Venkatesan
Chairman,Fairvine Super
Cris Parker
Director The Ethics Alliance & The Banking and Finance Oath - The Ethics Centre
Karl Turner
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director Policy & Risk Management, Australian Finance Industry Association
Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director Policy & Risk Management at the Australian Finance Industry Association
Chris Howlett
General Manager and COO, ACI Australia
Elizabeth Sheedy
Department of Applied Finance, Macquarie Business School
Professor Elizabeth Sheedy is a risk management expert based in the Department of Applied Finance.
Chris Van Homrigh
Independent Consultant
Chris Van Homrigh is a banking and financial services consultant specialising in conduct, governance, risk, compliance and regulatory matters.