Mark Monfort

Mark has 11 years of experience working in both the finance and technology industries. His professional career started off in insurance as well as working as an auditor for a Big 4 firm (PwC). It was through his next role as an analyst at Commonwealth Bank that he first formed his passion for analytics and the power of technology and data to transform the way we make decisions. From there he worked as a management consultant focusing on software solutions (Business Intelligence, Forecasting, Activity Based Costing) and eventually moved into a Business Development role. His passion for problem solving could not be tamed and the call to become more hands on again beckoned with the opportunity to join the data research firm QMG and lead their technology transformation. He was instrumental in transforming the way the firm created its unique brand of equity research and it is this continued passion and skill-set that he brought to his work at Canaccord Genuity in London. Since then Mark has moved back to Australia to continue his pursuits of bringing data analytics and other disruptive technologies to the marketplace.

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December 7, 2021
Using Data and Emerging Technology to Drive Innovation and Transformational Growth, Developa Data Centric Culture, While Complying with Ethics and Regulation