Nick is Northfield’s Marketing Director for Asia-Pacific and responsible for managing Northfield’s operations in that region. Previously with Northfield he has been responsible for, or involved with, researching and developing many of our new analytical models, including the US Short-Term Model, and Northfield’s flagship multi asset class enterprise risk model “EE”. Prior to joining Northfield, he designed risk management systems as a consultant with AMS UK Ltd., where he was the risk engine team leader on the West Deutsche Landesbank project and began his career as a Quantitative Analyst with Grantham, Mayo, van Otterloo & Co., where he worked on interest-rate, currency, and volatility forecasting models as well as optimization and risk. Nick is a board member of the Chicago Quantitative Alliance in Asia, a member of the Institute of Directors (UK), and a frequent presenter at academic and industry conferences. He holds an honors degree in theoretical physics from the University of York, England, and an MBA from Northeastern University, Boston USA, where he worked for the finance department. A selection of his research is available on the Northfield website and on LinkedIn.

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May 27, 2021
This mini-conference provides valuable insights into asset allocation strategies including life cycle products, the use of derivatives in asset allocations and the perennial debate of active versus passive strategies