Raewyn is a well-known speaker and commentator specialising in issues and opportunities for the superannuation and investment management industry. She has been acknowledged as a pioneer in after-tax investing and implementation efficiency in institutional investment portfolios, having cultivated a large body of research in these emerging areas. After a 28-year career spanning tax law, superannuation, investment management and business strategy, along with board chair and sub-committee roles in the not-for-profit sector, Raewyn now works as a Senior Consultant with Impact Strategists Jefferson & Shea and as an independent Investment Committee member.

Raewyn has qualifications in economics, law and governance, and has served on industry advisory boards including the FSC, ASFA, The Tax Institute and FTSE. She has represented Queensland as the Fairfax Foundation’s State Representative in the St James Ethics Centre’s Short Course for Good Leadership and mentored young, emerging female leaders for 100 Women in Finance.

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