Sandeep Bhalekar

Hands on data science professional having over 12 years of experience in Banking Domain. Driving Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Automation initiatives for Audit Department.

Proficiency in various technologies starting from the legacy platforms(Mainframe) to newest AI related technologies.

A certified SAS professional and a Python Gig with expertise in Standard Reporting, Data Query, Data Visualization, Descriptive Statistics, Data Mining Forecasting, Predictive Modeling, Simulation Decision Analysis, and Optimization.

Programming with Python, NumPy with Python, Using pandas Data Frames to solve complex tasks, Use pandas to handle Excel Files, Web scraping with python, Connect Python to SQL, Use matplotlib and seaborn for data visualizations, Use plotly for interactive visualizations, Machine Learning with SciKit Learn, including: Linear & Logistic Regression, K Nearest Neighbors, K Means Clustering, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Natural Language Processing, Neural Nets and Deep Learning, Support Vector Machines, Naive Bayes etc

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December 7, 2021
Using Data and Emerging Technology to Drive Innovation and Transformational Growth, Developa Data Centric Culture, While Complying with Ethics and Regulation